Martin Standard Series D-18 (Ex-Demo) #24139838

Includes Hard Case

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Martin D18

Martin D18

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Overall Rating 5/5 (8 reviews)

Linden T. - 7/5/2021

Krzysztof S. - 22/3/2021

Fantastic sound and surprisingly light in weight. Lovely neck and a joy to play. Prefer to my D35 ........just sounds much clearer.

Peter C. - 19/3/2021

My 3rd Martin guitar and own many acoustics of other brands and rate this D18 as the best of the lot. Good quality case to protect it too. Due to lockdown ordered online something I would not normally do on a high end guitar but had played one in store a while back. Arrived next day, let it acclimate, then played it for the first time, it was in perfect set up and only a slight tune up needed, and wow. This is easily the best sounding and playing guitar in this range. Even with the medium strings it plays so easily. Have to say I rate it better than my D28. If you are contemplating a D18 get one perfect for just about any style in my mind, and yes its a Martin full quality throughout.

Stephen G. - 12/3/2021

The instrument sounds great and is easy to play. This is a step up from my first Martin which I enjoyed playing. I?ve made the right choice again.

Allan J. - 1/1/2021

It's a D18 - enough said...

Simon F. - 24/8/2020

Fantastic acoustic! Superb quality. Perfect finish and set up. So easy to play despite the medium strings. Tone is very mellow and balanced. Great for chords and fingerpicking.

Jim C. - 8/9/2018

John R. - 15/2/2018

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