Fender Richie Kotzen Telecaster Brown Sunburst Maple Fingerboard (Ex-Demo) #JD21001624

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Possibly the prefect Tele?!! This guitar is just amazing! I've always loved the idea of Tele ownership but I never loved any of the Tele's I've purchased, and they've always ended up on eBay sooner or later. I'm not a big fan of a 'slab' body and I generally find Tele 'twang' a little too harsh. This model had been on my wish list for a while, and I'm so happy I've got it. This guitar fixes all my issues. You get a belly cut and a forearm carve making the guitar sooooo much more comfortable to play. The neck is wide and fat, far more Gibson/PRS than Fender, but that suits me fine. A note here to those with small hands who might be put off, my hands are relatively small and I love this neck. The board is nicely rounded and fret ends are smooth as silk. The pickups retain some of the Tele character but add just enough beef to put you somewhere inbetween a Tele and a Les Paul in terms of tone, and that's a great place to be! I'm missing the tone control slightly. The series/parallel switch is great, but I guess I'm wondering why it couldn't have been implemented as a mini-toggle alongside a standard tone circuit? It's only a minor gripe. This guitar cover anything from sparkling cleans to heavy rock and beyond. Moving onto the build and looks........ Wow! I was fortunate in that my guitar was 'box fresh' out of the warehouse, so it's literally unplayed. The Flamed Maple cap is just gorgeous, and combined with the binding and gold-plated hardware this Tele is a feast for the eyes. The build and finish quality is Custom Shop/PRS Core level, far better than I've seen on any USA Standard Fender. I own several 'high end' guitars, but I haven't played any of the others since I brought this baby home. I hadn't really listened to much Richie Kotzen before buying this guitar, but thanks to this signature model, I'm currently enjoying his back catalogue.

Matt B. - 27/5/2021