Jackson Adrian Smith SDX MN Snow White (Ex-Demo) #ICJ1900392

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Jackson Adrian Smith SDX MN Snow White

Jackson Adrian Smith SDX MN Snow White

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Remarkable value for a guitar of this money. Nicely finished and comparable with instruments which are way more expensive. I own a White Falcon, a PRS Hollowbody and a Gibson and wanted something cheap and cheerful to play for old school metal stuff, so being a massive Arian Smith/Maiden fan this was top of the list; it didn't disappoint. The Humbucker is really not too bad at all, although the single coils are a bit gutless, but expectations have to be reasonable when you're in this price range. I'd think that with some replacement pickups (maybe hot rails to replace the singles, and a Bare Knuckle in the bridge) this thing could be a real bargain. Only issue there is that they'd likely cost almost as much as the whole guitar...

Matthew S. - 16/7/2019

A1 great quality fast delivery and great infro from guys online

Alan O. - 25/3/2018


S.C. - 10/7/2013

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