Zoom MS-70CDR Chorus Delay Reverb Multi Stomp

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Overall Rating 4.3 (3 reviews)

Great product for my synthesiser works well

mark w. - 10/8/2017

This pedal has some terrific sounds in it and is well worth the money. Only downside is, its not great at your feet. You can store sounds to recall, but you have to scroll round them to get back to where you started. Having said that with a wee bit tweaking it can be done, and it is easy to move sounds in and out of your favourites. Relatively easy to edit just remember when you exit a bank you have tweaked, it is automatically saved. Buy one, well worth a try, and a great addition to your pedalboard. Saves buying seperate units and space on your pedalboard.

A.C. - 8/10/2015

Good pedal for emergency situation.

M.B. - 22/5/2014

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