Shure GLX-D16 Beta Digital Wireless Guitar System

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Overall Rating 4.9/5 (10 reviews)

Great system supplied by pro company

John P. - 18/8/2021

Solid built - great quality but expensive. Very easy to set up - it does it all itself. Tuner indicators very clear both for what the note is and when it is in tune.

Sid C. - 30/6/2021

Ian M. - 1/4/2021

Works fantastic and is definitely the future of wireless systems. So easy to set up. Very sturdy as made of metal.

DANIEL M. - 14/2/2021

Great system, easy set up

Anthony C. - 27/8/2019

Tried it out recently for the first time. Easy to set up and solid transmission. There were no drop outs at all in the room I was playing in which was an average sized studio, I'm positive it'll be the same in any size of venue I'll play. The level was perfect straight out the box with no drop in sound quality from a good lead. Being effects box size meant I could mount it on my pedalboard where my tuner used to sit, the tuner function is great. Its built solidly as well, it's not going to break with normal use.

Allan . - 18/5/2019

Only one in Glasgow love this system

Ghislaine K. - 12/12/2018

Fantastic piece of kit. Very reliable, awesome battery performance. Excellent performance. Highly recommended

D.. - 22/2/2016

Great product ,shure quality always the best

C.B. - 17/2/2015

Probably the best wireless unit on the market , plus a built in tuner, so one space only taken up on the pedalbiard

A.H. - 17/6/2014

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