DiMarzio DP708BK Crunch Lab 7

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DiMarzio DP708BK Crunch Lab 7

Manufacturer's ID: DP708BK

What we say:

Dream Theater fans will recognise this straight away: it is the 7 string version of the signature pickup of guitar hero John Petrucci. He does have a few DiMarzio models but the Crunch Lab seems to make it into more of his signature Music Man guitars than any other model.

This ceramic humbucker is very open sounding whilst also being bass heavy. It's hefty without being overpowering and this suits distorted chording very well: you don't have to stick to power chords with this pickup! It goes without saying that harmonics will fly from this thing and it is the main choice for one of the world's greatest shredders so most rock fans will get on with this perfectly! The EQ has been tightened up a little to incorporate the Low B string, the lower mids have a lot of punch.


The Crunch Lab 7™ is noteworthy (bad pun alert) for what it doesn’t do — it’s not a screamer, and it’s not about thundering lows. Its physical appearance is identical to the D Sonic 7™, but the internal design is a lot different. It’s louder, and the highs have more depth. The lows and mids are more open, and this is crucial for playing chords with body and presence through a gained-out amp. The way the pickup attacks a note is both sharper and stronger, and this allows the Crunch Lab 7™ to be installed with the solid bar towards the neck.


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