Digitech Drop (Ex-Demo) #12002519480

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Digitech Drop Pitch Shifter

Digitech Drop Pitch Shifter

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.9 (17 reviews)

Gary W. - 2/12/2020

It's still the best drop tune pedal, the only one that handles chords as well as lead lines and still the only one that doesn't have odd artifacts on chorus/phaser sounds.

Derek C. - 4/11/2020

Karl S. - 29/9/2020

Adam T. - 21/9/2020

Amazing product. Does exactly what you want it to do with almost no latency or degradation of sound quality.

DAVID H. - 16/9/2020

paul d. - 2/8/2020

Tamara D. - 5/7/2020

Good little pedal, handy for a quick drop tune, struggles in the higher register though.

tom n. - 17/6/2020

William B. - 29/4/2020

Well made and sounds great. Good fun to play with

Josh L. - 24/12/2019

Duncan M. - 21/8/2019

The tracking is amazing. I have now set all my guitars to half a step and do not need to interchange for tunings. Dropping one string is not. A problem as you set the tuning appropriately. No faults at all. Built like a tank. I believe it is a classic pedal now. Wish I had bought it years ago. Would have saved so much time.

James A. - 28/7/2019

Great pedal, does exactly what it?s supposed to and saves having more than one guitar when you need to tune down.

David R. - 24/3/2019

GARY W. - 21/7/2018

Alexander P. - 21/5/2018

Great product and extremely easy to use!

Jack E. - 16/4/2018

Was recommended thie Digitech Drop pedal by a friend and it?s a really handy thing to have. No more tuning guitars and basses down. Sounds just like it does without it. Does one thing and does it darn well.

Mark D. - 16/2/2018

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