Blackstar ID:Core 40H Stereo Head

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I have an old 1970s HH IC100 combo amp which is equipped with a nice pair of Celestion 12" speakers in a ported, closed back cabinet. I was thinking of selling this as the amplifier has limited sounds and is way too loud. I saw Guitar Guitar were advertising the Blackstar ID:Core 40 head for the ridiculously low price of £49 so ordered it immediately, I am so glad I did. I separated the combo speaker wiring and used the left/right channels of the Blackstar to drive each speaker individually, this has breathed new life into an old combo and the preset sounds are amazing. I've played around with some of the user patches which are available to download and I'm looking forward to creating some of my own. I might build a 2 x 10" pine cabinet and fit it with Celestion greenbacks as the HH is very heavy, rather large and a bit ugly for my living room, either way, the blackstar is a keeper.

Denzil D. - 27/8/2019