TGI TGI101 Clip On Tuner

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Overall Rating 4.6 (47 reviews)

T E. - 24/1/2021

Nice addition! Works well for a real beginner!

Charmaine M. - 18/12/2020

Margaret C. - 15/12/2020

Olga L. - 13/12/2020

Amanda B. - 3/12/2020

Stephen B. - 3/12/2020

Kailash M. - 23/10/2020

Cameron M. - 22/10/2020

ought a TGI101 Clip On Tuner. Wasn't to sure if it would be that good but I am really pleased. Went round tuning my 10 guitars and didn't take long at all including a 12 string. Would recommend it to anybody and a great price. B

michael b. - 11/10/2020

very easy to use, it comes with the battery which is great

Maria H. - 10/10/2020

Nader M. - 28/9/2020

Marie C. - 26/9/2020

Ok I use it when im playing to adjust the tuning so useful to me.Has a few settins to try..

Willam N. - 8/9/2020

Very easy to use and very accurate. It?s a really handy device that I?d be pretty lost without

Murdo M. - 7/9/2020

John D. - 1/9/2020

They are a very good company

Paul L. - 30/8/2020

Grate gadget easy to use set up simple

Gordon . - 9/8/2020

Does exactly what you would expect from a tuner. Pleased that the battery was included.

Matthew L. - 31/7/2020

Easy to use + does the job

Paul F. - 27/7/2020

Rajeevan B. - 25/7/2020

This is a very good tuning aid for a youngster not having a teacher to help them. I would recommend it

DEE W. - 10/7/2020

Kelly H. - 22/6/2020

Aaron D. - 17/6/2020

John M. - 9/6/2020

Simple, easy to use tuner,

Alex . - 9/6/2020

Great accessory to help the beginner get started on their journey to play the guitar

Stephen W. - 8/6/2020

Ozan S. - 4/6/2020

Brilliant, easy to use and works on multiple instruments

Carly W. - 3/6/2020

Xinyi H. - 3/6/2020

Well packed. And its a really good accessory for your guitar.

Julio P. - 3/6/2020

Geoffrey . - 3/6/2020

Fabulous bit of kit, makes tuning was much easier

Laurie N. - 2/6/2020

Brendan D. - 30/5/2020

Does exactly what it?s meant to do

Andrew S. - 27/5/2020

Mary . - 26/5/2020

Simple! and as a complete newbie to this guitar malarkey is exactly what you need, does the good without complicating the issue. Excellent product.

Adrian W. - 26/5/2020

Really easy to use. Good instructions

Colin G. - 25/5/2020

Useful addition to guitar.

Gillian H. - 18/5/2020

Good products.will use company again

Julie E. - 18/5/2020

Grate gadget easy to use set up simple

Gordon . - 13/5/2020

Easy to use and does the job pretty well.

Martin V. - 13/5/2020

Brian T. - 13/5/2020

John C. - 11/5/2018

Really easy to use, does the job well.

Kayley G. - 21/12/2017

A nice tuner, a bit fiddly to use but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Andrew B. - 1/10/2017

Works and really great for a beginner player

Graham L. - 18/4/2017

A bit crap... but now using a phone app which is better... don't bother with this...

David S. - 18/4/2017

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