Strandberg Boden Original 7 Trem Natural

Includes Gig Bag

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This is an outstanding instrument. I first got to play a strandberg whilst out at Mattias Eklundh's freak guitar camp. Since then I always wanted one, and decided to take the plunge. The build quality is amazing, it feels like true care was taken during the construction. It is extremely playable, it's actually the first guitar I've ever felt comfortable going super high up on the neck with. Whatever your opinion on the enduroneck, I think it's fantastic. I wasn't even realising that I was using it for its intended purpose at first. But my thumb really is guided by the design. It sounds great, I love the fishman pickups. It's true what they say that the low end stradnbergs produce is super nice.

Ryan B. - 10/4/2018