Taylor GS Mini-e Koa #2202051384

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Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

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Overall Rating 4.9 (35 reviews)

Simon H. - 2/11/2021

Alasdair R. - 22/10/2021

Beautiful warm tone and incredible sound for such a small bodied guitar. As a mostly electric player, the size of this guitar suits me really well and feels nice to hold. Really impressed with the overall build quality, as you?d expect from Taylor. What impressed me equally was the amazing gig bag it comes with - really well padded and protected. Thank you GuitarGuitar! I?ll be back.

Neill F. - 6/10/2021

good sound and shorter distance between frets between frets makes it very comfortable to play because i have carpal tunnel syndome. i love the look of the guitar

Derek H. - 28/9/2021

Action higher than id like

albert l. - 25/9/2021

John C. - 23/9/2021

Such a lovely sounding guitar in a nice small compact size. Looks absolutely stunning, and the on board electrics we?re a bonus along with the well made case that it came with. Definitely worth checking out if your looking for a compact acoustic.

Duncan H. - 12/9/2021

Taylor GS Mini E Koa. Looks and sounds amazing. Complete with a padded case that provides good protection in shipping. The shorter scale and smooth neck make playing feel great.

Gordon B. - 31/8/2021

Jonny B. - 27/8/2021

Jonny B. - 27/8/2021

Beautiful wood and sounds excellent

Derek N. - 11/8/2021

Oh yessso what a perfect little sweet thing I now own , such a beaut:D oh oh oh, yeah boyo

Rikki E. - 3/8/2021

Most beautiful sounding guitar with looks to match

julie f. - 20/7/2021


Daniel G. - 3/6/2021

By far the best guitar I've ever used.

Erkut E. - 29/12/2020

Kathrene . - 26/12/2020

Absolutely love this guitar, everything I read about this little beauty is true. I can't put it down.

David F. - 2/12/2020

Graham L. - 3/11/2020

Amazing little guitar, great fun to play, dynamic sound. Looks stunning too!

Jonny B. - 21/9/2020

beautiful guitar. A lot of money but a lot of quality.

matthew b. - 7/9/2020

Very pretty guitar with a lovely rich sound. I had minor reservations as reviews said the tone tends to open out with age - but it sounded great straight out of the box. Big, deep, colourful tone for a small guitar. Its size, weight and balance make the GS mini very tempting to pick up and play. Being able to chose from several available on GuitarGuitar's website, based on pictures and serial numbers, made my mind up about paying a little extra for Koa.

Mark G. - 30/8/2020

Cindy L. - 17/8/2020

Amazing guitar: perfect for playing at home and sounds great played acoustically or through an amp. Exactly what I was looking for and ideal for new and experienced players alike. You can also select the specific guitar you want as the markings are different on each individual instrument so they?re all unique! Also came with a stylish and sturdy case.

Megan D. - 3/6/2020

Sound = beautiful warm tones and packs a serious punch for it's size Looks = stunning (GuitarGuitar were able to load pictures of actual guitars in stock so could select the exact guitar I wanted) Action = nice and low Verdict = awesome bit of kit!

Guy G. - 28/4/2020

Beautiful guitar. Sound is awesome out of the box. I?m just starting playing after along lay off. I wish I?d had this in my teens.

Lee P. - 8/2/2020

Great little guitar with a great big well balanced sound and an amazing look.

Alyn M. - 24/1/2020

Action is maybe little high for my liking, but I expect that really

lorraine m. - 15/7/2019

Good value for money and great sound

Philip B. - 14/6/2019

Beautiful little guitar to look at with its unique wood patterns. Great sound for a small guitar, but does not feel small w hen playing. Lovely rich tones, will be good for fingerpicking especially. Very happy with purchase

Douglas J. - 18/4/2019

I knew I wanted a GS Mini Koa-e guitar. However koa has such varied grain patterns and colours so I was concerned about what my arrive at my door, if I bought online. guitar guitar's site displayed all the koa's on their site - with serial numbers and photos - so I could actually chose the grain I preferred. Wonderful! This simple facility meant that I bought from guitar guitar instead of anyone else - because I could actually see what I was buying. I received a quick response to a query prior to purchasing. And my new playmate is gorgeous! Thank you.

Alyson R. - 8/3/2019

Lewis C. - 23/12/2018

Ben S. - 8/11/2018

Paul M. - 25/9/2018

First class service, fast delivery and a superb guitar

Stewart F. - 4/4/2018

Michael . - 15/3/2018

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