Strandberg Boden Standard 6 Tremolo Maple Quilt Bengal Burst #C2105091

Includes Gig Bag

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Andrea S. - 4/11/2020

Took a chance buying before trying, had played a Strandberg a few times so knew a bit about the neck and feel etc. but not a lot of time spent with one. Very glad I did. It's very light, great to play and had all the features ( Bass wood body, Maple Cap, roasted maple neck, fanned frets, tremolo, Bengal finish), that I wanted, I play a lot thru practicing, playing live and teaching for hours everyday so thought it would be a good ergonomic guitar, especially for carrying into the places I teach. Sounds wonderful, surprised how "Sratty" it can be, very very clear tone due to the lightness of the body and rings out remarkably well. There really is more tone in lighter woods so it's everything a heavy Les Paul isn't. In the wood tone versus pick up debate I firmly believe the P.U.s are vastly more influential in terms of sound, and these are great. Custom made for this model apparently and Strandberg's own. I may well go for Suhr P.U.s in the future but I'm very pleased with these now and there is almost non existent single coil hum. Three weeks into playing this and I'm still excited by this guitar; when played with the lower cut out on your thigh it feels like cheating it's that comfortable and mimics the exact position I hold the guitar while playing standing up. This model not available from Strandberg at the mo so feel like I got the last one available in the country (Maybe even the World!) It was a bit pricey for an Indonesian made guitar I suppose, as it's in the price range of a Custom American Strat BUT it's still cheaper and better designed than a new Gibson Les Paul or SG for example. If there was one downside I'd say it is too light when compared to anything else and it's this feature that has taken a few weeks to get used to. This has had a positive result in that I'm gradually relaxing my whole attitude to posture and I've also started to play with a classical foot stool under the right foot, so relaxing my shoulder/neck area a lot more. This was one of the flimsy rationales I was using to convince myself I needed another guitar and luckily it's totally working out. In conclusion Strandberg are bringing something genuinely innovative and special into the guitar world, Buy one, Buy one, Buy one, Buy one. Then get a seven string.

carlo b. - 14/1/2020

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