Schecter C-6 Pro Aqua Burst

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Overall Rating 4/5 (1 reviews)

I love the look and the sound. I feel happy to buy this guitar, but some problems do effect my experience. First, the workmanship of frets are not perfect, the parts which frets bind the fingerboard are not completely smooth, this sometimes does effect the guitar experience. Also, the neck pickup sounds not as good as the bridge pickup in distortion (this is more about personal experience) Second, I guess this probably because the guitar has been placed in the warehouse too long, nuts of volume and tone rotary knobs are not tight, and it is a it rusty inside the switch of pick up. This leads that sometimes only bridge pickup works. To solve this, I have to add some WD-40 inside the switch and screw the nuts till they are tight by myself. To sum up, I love this guitar, but some problems do exist.

Runyu Z. - 1/7/2021