G&L Tribute Legacy Gloss Black Black Pickguard Maple Fingerboard

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Great value for money. Build quality is really good, the only thing I had to do was polish the frets (an easy job). This has the matt finished neck (rather than a gloss) and it feels great, both the shape and the finish - no sharp fret ends or anything nasty. It was also very nicely set up - low action but no buzzing. Sounds great and the pick ups are pretty quiet too. Tuners very good and stable. Overall it's a really nice looking, nicely finished, excellent sounding guitar, and that's from someone who has owned Japanese and USA strats (including a Custom Shop '69) and a USA Musicman Cutlass. How it compares to the latest Squiers I couldn't say, but the G&L Tribute Legacy with USA pick ups for L379 is a steal.

Matthew F. - 21/6/2021

Great guitar. Just what i had hoped for. It sits well beside my Les Paul and Fender P bass purchased from the Edinburgh store

John R. - 8/2/2021

G&L makes wonderful guitars. To find this one for L349.99 is a steal. Anyone looking for an s-type guitar should try the G&L Tribute series.

Stephan H. - 10/11/2018

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