TOURTECH VM-50 Dynamic Microphone 3 Pack

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Can?t believe I got 3 microphones for such a low price

Ron W. - 2/8/2021

Unbeatable price ! Thank you....................

peter g. - 31/7/2021

I found them quite easy to use and really excellent quality for the price.

paul w. - 4/7/2021

ian p. - 11/5/2021

Three fantastic gigging mics for not a lot. Delighted!

Alex D. - 15/4/2021

great dealing with guitar guitar,aidan layaway gave good info and a good deal on a guitar i bought

cliff b. - 15/4/2021

Can you buy better mics? -- yes -- can you buy mics with a better value to £? -- not even close. The mics sound good -- work well -- and have a nice heft (they don't feel like toys).

Steven W. - 18/2/2021

I bought these mics as I was looking to upgrade from an old Sanyo that I've had for years and never been that happy with it. I looked as a few reviews of the VM50 and thought I'd give it a go, at 20 quid for 3 mics I really had very little to lose! (Bought in the recent sale, brilliant value for money!) In short these are a significant step up from my old Sanyo, great build quality and sound really good. I have used this to mic up an bass amp and it records very well, a faith full reproduction of the amp and bass tone, more than impressed and very much up to the job so far. I'm looking forward to being able to test them in a live environment but I'm confident that they will do the job. It's good that the pack includes some clips, not the best in the world but good enough for mic'ing up amps but perhaps not ideal for a vocalist, put I'm being picky here. The case is a hard plastic thing that could be a little brittle for extensive road use but it's great to keep everything in one place. Overall a top purchase and very happy.

Simon C. - 18/2/2021

Good mics - better build quality than I was expecting, think they work well

Mark K. - 9/12/2020

Great product for price point.

Brian M. - 3/6/2020

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