Epiphone G-400 Deluxe PRO Trans Red (Limited Edition)

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The product is great value for money and I was luck enough to purchase it at a sale price.

Adam C. - 2/6/2020

Brilliant guitar, even better in the flesh . Beautifully packaged and delivered as promised. Awesome sound and versatility, not sure how it was so reasonably priced.

Simon M. - 28/5/2020

Outstanding guitar for it?s price. Fretboard and strings are very smooth which helps with sliding and bending. Humbuckers are an amazing quality and sounds amazing through an amplifier. It?s really easy to tune (very good for new players). The guitar itself is not too heavy to give you a cramp in your leg and the aesthetics are beautiful. If you are a fan of rock or finger style (considering this guitar has lots of versatility) then this is one of the best guitars you can buy within a £200-£400 budget. I highly recommend this guitar to beginners, intermediate players and those who are highly experienced at the guitar ..... The service by GuitarGuitar from point of sale to receipt at the door is also outstanding for the ?Whole Experience? of service. The packaging for shipping was really well put together, with visibly no expense spared to protect while being shipped ... Will highly recommend. (The review should be 6 stars out of 5).....

Jason K. - 21/5/2020

Being the deluxe version, this is an attractive guitar. Well made and set up. Plays straight out of the box. An excellent sound. A nice addition to my other 14 guitars (my first SG).

Michael J. - 21/5/2020

not quite sure initially about the aesthetic with golden mechanics etc, but the red is lovely and sounds great. I'm not a beginner, nor a pro, and would be uncomfortable with a guitar that's too expansive - wouldn't play with it as much! Action was perfect to me out of the box, might lower it a little in the future as I think the guitar allows it. Epiphone really making high quality stuff.

Francesco P. - 21/5/2020

Simply superb, no other words needed.

Jaqueline H. - 13/5/2020

Very nice SG actually nicer than the original Gibson a mate of my owned in the 70's

Paul S. - 13/1/2020

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