Jackson Audio Amp Mode Boost

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Jackson Audio Amp Mode Boost


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Manufacturer's ID: JKA-AMPM

The AMP MODE Boost is based on the exact same MOSFET transistor boost circuit that is found in the celebrated Jackson Audio PRISM preamp. It stacks well with other pedals as well as itself. As an always-on boost or even an added a second boost to the rest of your signal chain and other drive pedals, AMP MODE can really help sculpt your drive from classic overdriven rhythm to super articulate and saturated lead tones.

MOSFET transistors are a very popular choice for boost circuits, because they have many amp-like characteristics when they clip. However, several top-selling MOSFET-based boost pedals on the market can also have a very noticeable crackle when their gain knobs are rotated. Jackson Audio studied the behaviour and came up with a way to fix this issue, so the AMP MODE is perfectly silent when the boost knob is turned.

The single boost control sets the overall boost level. AMP MODE is a true boost in that when the boost control is fully counter-clockwise, it doesn't boost your signal, it instead acts as a unity gain buffer that bolsters your guitars signal to prevent against tonal loss when using other effects pedals or when driving long cable runs.

Use the AMP MODE as a preamp for your overall signal, a boost to push an overdrive pedal even further into saturation or as a post overdrive boost to clarify and push your guitar forward in the mix.

The AMP MODE features 9-18V operation, true bypass switching and a tiny footprint with top mounted jacks, all making it easy to fit into any setup.


  • MOSFET Boost pedal
  • Single control - less is more
  • Perfect as a preamp, always-on or to give that extra push to gain sounds
  • Tiny footprint and top mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Powered by 9-18 V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1mm, ~ 10 mA current draw)