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Morgan Amplification PR12 Combo Valve Amp Driftwood


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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Morgan PR12 Combo in Driftwood is based around some of the iconic small American 12 watt combo amps from the 60s. Morgan Amplification's founder Joe Morgan has spent years modifying these old school amps to make them stand up to the rigours of modern live performances and tours.

Thanks to its Fix baffle design and superb 12" Celestion Greenback speaker, the PR12 puts out a ton of volume for such a little box! On top of this, by being rated only 12w you can get this amp right into that super sweet valve break-up territory without taking the heads off the rest of the band!

The PR12 is finished here in Morgan's handsome Driftwood Finish, giving you an amp that looks as good as it sounds.

Features We Love:

Classic Tone Updated and Upgraded

The Superb PR12 Combo takes its lead from the legendary blackface combos of the 60s, and ramps up the tone by giving the power supply a bit more oomph, ensuring you've got plenty of power running in so it doesn't 'fart out' like the originals. The result is a beefed up low end response that makes this amp so much more usable than its old school counterparts.

Dwell Control - Awesome Reverb

Like those 60s amps, the PR12 Combo has an excellent built-in reverb, but its improved thanks to Morgan's Dwell Control. The Dwell Control allows you to control the amount of decay in your reverb, which in turn allows you to set the reverb mix really high, without drowning out the fundamentals of your tone.

This Loud For 12 Watts?

Yes! The PR12 features a special Fix Baffle cabinet design. This design allows the entire cabinet enclosure to resonate along with the speaker, moving a whole lot more air and producing a whole lot more sound than just the speaker alone. Paired with how straight-up excellent that 12" Celestion Greenback speaker is already, and you've got a tiny amp that'll cut through on any stage, even letting you compete comfortably with the drummer!


  • Classic Morgan valve tone
  • So much volume and great tone for a small 12w amp
  • Superb 12" Celestion Greenback Speaker


  • Power: 12w Class A/B tube
  • Hand-wired in the USA
  • 12” G12M Greenback
  • 2x 6V6 power tubes
  • 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Spring tube driven reverb
  • Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb and Dwell Controls
  • 1×8 ohm 1×16 ohm outputs
  • Custom USA made Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 10" (D) x 18" (W) x 20.75" (H)
  • Weight: 38 lb.