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Greer Amps Sure Shot Clipping Boost



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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Sure Shot Clipping Boost from Greer Amps offers up something a little different from your typical boost pedal. With just one single control, it couldn't be any easier to use. The LOUD knob increases the volume and at the same time produces a layered drive effect. This certainly isn't a clean boost and instead adds clipping for a special sound. The Sure Shot Clipping Boost is one of those pedals that once experienced, is hard to ever go without again!

Features We Love:

Elevate Your Tone

A pair of MA856 clipping diodes help to give the pedal its distinctive sound and make it easier than ever to find that elusive sweet spot on your amp where it starts to break up and sounds its best. Between clean and overdrive is where some of the best tones exist and the Sure Shot can put you right there.

Tiny Size

Trying to make room on your pedalboard for all your favourite pedals can be tricky. With this being the first mini sized pedal from Greer Amps, they've made the Sure Shot easy to integrate into your existing setup, with minimal space needed thanks to its scaled down size.

Good For Any Genre

Don't let the single control fool you; the Sure Shot Clipping Boost can do it all. From getting the right amount of grit for a Nashville Country Twang sound to using it in front of a distortion pedal for a thickly textured Metal tone, there are plenty of scenarios where the Sure Shot really shines.


  • Different from the majority of other Boost pedals on the market thanks to the Clipping sound
  • Great for a number of styles
  • Small housing easily fits onto pedalboards


  • The first pedal from Greer Amps in the mini pedal format
  • LOUD control
  • True-bypass switching
  • Runs off of 9VDC only
  • Built with top tier components