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Catalinbread Topanga Burnside Reverb and Tremolo


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Manufacturer's ID: Topanga Burnside

What we say:

At A Glance

The Topanga Burnside Reverb + Tremolo from Catalinbread sports a brand new paint job for 2022, and is built to evoke the springy, surfy reverb and tremolo effects of Fender's famous outboard units from the 60's.

Fender's superb 6G15 spring reverb unit from the 60's was known for its stunning splashy, sproingy sounds that proved hugely popular in surf music and, much later, skate punk. In fact, the pedal takes its name from the famous Burnside skatepark in Catalinbread's hometown, Portland, Oregon.

Features We Love:

Recreates A Classic Sound

Fender's legendary standalone spring reverb units were run in front of the amp, rather than in an effects loop, meaning that all the subtle nuances of your reverb and tremolo are amplified and overdriven by your amps tone settings, giving a wilder edge to the sound you can't achieve otherwise, and which proved so hard to replicate just right over the years.

New for 2022 Artwork

Catalinbread are known for their superb pedal graphics, often enlisting the help of independent artists to provide artworks and designs. New for 2022, the Topanga Burnside sports a striking black & white scheme designed by gallery artist Tomo77.

Classic Reverb - And Then Some

As well as recreating the foibles and mojo of those old-school reverb tanks, the Topanga Burnside expands the fun by offering more control. The 'Dwell' knob controls how hard the springs are getting hit by your guitar's signal, while the 'Tone' knob lets you dial back the treble in the signal so you don't cut heads off with clanging high end.

The 'Volume' knob controls the discrete front end preamp to provide the unique boost that old school units were loved for. In fact, you can dial the verb and trem effects right back and still have that preamp just subtly colouring your tone and making it shine.

Who Is It For?

Players looking for that unmistakable, janky yet gorgeous spring reverb wash that adorns Surf and Skate Punk records, and for anyone who loves pedal artwork as much as we do!


  • Recreates the sounds of Fender's old school outboard reverb effects
  • Instantly recognisable Surf and Skate Punk tones
  • Fantastic new pedal artwork by artist Tomo77


  • The new Trem knob controls the rate of a tremolo effect
  • Tremolo rate goes from ~1.9 Hz to ~9 Hz
  • New black and white artwork from gallery artist, Tomo77
  • Based on the outboard Fender 6G15 spring reverb unit
  • Mix goes from fully dry to 100% wet
  • Volume controls the discrete preamp for an extra clean boost
  • 9-18V DC power supply (sold separately)