Teenage Engineering TX-6 Mixer

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Teenage Engineering TX-6 Mixer



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Manufacturer's ID: TEE0099

What we say:

At A Glance:

The Teenage Engineering TX-6 more than lives up to the standard we've come to expect from the innovative Swedish manufacturer. The incredibly compact and frankly, beautiful TX-6 is a powerful six stereo channel mixing desk that fits in the palm of your hand. Its petite size definitely doesn't impact on its features, in fact, the TX-6 goes above and beyond what most full-sized mixing desks offer.

Through using the intuitive set of controls you'll get access to standard mixer functions like compression, EQ, filtering and panning, plus a powerful selection of send effects and a synthesizer and sequencer section. The TX-6 is also a 12-channel USB audio interface, letting you capture each stereo channel independently into your DAW, and best of all, it features an internal rechargeable battery, which makes the TX-6 the very best portable mixing desk on the market.

Features We Love:

A Fully Functioning Mixer

Considering its tiny footprint, the TX-6 is an incredibly powerful and fully functioning mixing desk. With six stereo channels, the TX-6 can function as the hub of your set-up, allowing you to mix your Teenage Engineering equipment , laptops and boutique modules together without needing to work a bulky mixer into your set-up. Plus, unlike most compact mixers, the TX-6 is made to an incredible standard, delivering beautiful studio-quality audio in every situation.

Each channel features a selection of dedicated controls and parameters, including EQ, compression, high and low pass filtering, and stereo panning. This gives you the ability to create a professional and expressive mix, without the need to carry racks of equipment with you.

The TX-6 also features 3 stereo outputs, including a master output, an aux output, and a cue output. the aux allows you to route a separate stereo mix out of the TX-6, this could be used for providing a multitrack mix to the PA, for sending a click track to your drummer, or even for routing your audio through outboard effects. Finally, the cue output gives you the ability to preview the next musical parts you're planning on bringing into the mix, without your audience hearing. This also allows you to use the TX-6 as a DJ mixer, and lets you get creative with the potential six stereo channels bring.


The TX-6 features 8 impressive send effects, including your standard reverb, chorus and delay, plus awesome creative effects like freeze, tape emulation and distortion.

Synthesizer and Sequencer

In addition to being a powerful mixer, the TX-6 is also a portable synthesizer and sequencer. Take advantage of the 4 oscillator waveforms to create awesome synths sounds, while the drum machine with 4 synthesized drum sounds lets you add cool beats to your mix. Your sequenced parts can also be easily synced to your music using the tempo sync feature.

12 Channel Audio Interface

The impressive 12-channel USB audio interface lets you capture your performance into your DAW of choice with each stereo channel being assigned its own track, this brings a huge amount of potential for capturing audio for live streams and podcasts in an incredibly portable format.

8 Hour Rechargable Battery

The built-in rechargeable battery lets you get the most out of the TX-6's portable nature and makes it ideal for field recording, capturing impromptu performances, and performing where there's no access to a power outlet.

Who Is It For?

The TX-6 will appeal to the musician and performer who enjoys using boutique synthesizers and effects, plus professional sound recordists who require a portable mixer that won't compromise audio quality.


  • An ultra-portable yet powerful mixing desk
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Multitrack recording into your DAW
  • Can work as a Bluetooth controller for compatible equipment
  • iOS compatible


  • Ultra-portable pro mixer
  • 6 stereo inputs
  • 3 stereo outputs (main / cue / aux)
  • 32-bit 12-ch usb audio interface
  • 3 band equalizer
  • Low-pass & high-pass filter
  • 2 stereo multi-effect units
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Crossfader
  • Midi over usb-c and bluetooth le
  • Instrument tuner
  • Built-in synthesizer with sequencer
  • 8 hour rechargeable battery
  • iPhone compatible
  • 64 x 48 pixels oled display
  • Size + Weight
    • Width: 62 mm
    • Depth: 23 mm
    • Height: 90 mm
    • Weight: 145 g