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About Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering manufacture unique synthesizers and electronic equipment. Formed in Stockholm in 2005, Teenage has become a distinctive brand, known for designing instruments that utilize a retro Casio-esque aesthetic to promote fun with sound and music.

Teenage Engineering's first product was the OP-1, a sampling synthesizer sequencer which features a fun graphical interface that is as equally well thought out as it is bonkers. OP-1 features multiple synth engines, sequencing styles, effects, and drum sounds and is capable of sampling. All performances can be captured to the 4 track digital tape machine for playback and remixing. The OP-1 is regarded as one of the most distinctive synthesizers of the 21st century and has been endorsed by Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and Chvrches.


Why Should I Choose Teenage Engineering?

  • Unique and Distinctive Designs
  • Diverse Range of Applications
  • Novel and Unique Interfacing
  • Amazing Sound Possibilites

Frequently Asked Questions about Teenage Engineering

Question: Does the OP-1 have a built-in speaker?
It does, which is great for portable playback. However it is only small, so for higher sound reproduction we would recommend using headphones or plugging the OP-1 into a set of studio monitors.
Question: Did I really see something with gorillas on the OP-1?
You did, the DrumBox features two gorillas playing the drums along to the chosen drum pattern or sequence.
Question: How do make music on the OP-1?
The OP-1 has 4 tracks for recording. These can either be played live by hand or by using one of OP-1's sequencers. Recordings can consist of whole songs or of loops to construct songs out of.