PRS SE Soapbar II Black (Pre-Owned)

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Overall Rating 4.9 (688 reviews)

Firstly - koa is a very sexy wood, and I think that most would agree that Taylor are quite good at making guitars. This instrument is so comfortable you forget you're holding it, and sounds so great that you probably won't put it down for the first 48 hours. When you plug it in, it continues to sound bloody great - and now can sound bloody loud. The expression system catches all the nuance, and I'm actually very fond of the simplicity of only having a volume and a tone knob; my bias would be the fact that I am a tele player, but also if we're being honest, who's plugging into speakers that don't have 3+ band EQ? My 3 TINY issues here: - I wish it would take more normal batteries, ones that I could find in rechargeable form - it was very difficult to fit a strap (although that means I doubt that the strap will fall off) - it arrived set up with a huuuge action Overall, I bloody love this thing. It isn't just a guitar that does its job well, it's a guitar that musically excites you.

Matt G. - 1/4/2021

Great item, wonderful tone and playability

Joe C. - 20/3/2021

This 1993 guitar is almost pristine and was well set up. The detailed high quality photos on the website showed the couple of miniscule areas of almost imperceptible damage so I knew exactly what I was buying before paying. it is a high quality guitar that I personally consider to be better than pre-owned guitars which routinely sell for three times the amount. Sorry GuitarGuitar, I would probably have paid several hundred more and still felt that I had made a great purchase. The bass, mid and treble boost 9 volt circuitry expands the tonal range to make it the most versatile guitar I have owned, and the build quality, the fretwork and the quality hardware is as high a standard as any of the American made fonder startocustard guitars I have owned since the 70s.

William D. - 18/3/2021

really good guitar love it

John R. - 17/3/2021

Accurately described and any queries helpfully answered by staff

Andrew P. - 17/3/2021

Guitar was exactly as described, nice fresh setup, new strings, really really good.

Mike W. - 17/3/2021

Great bass - love the look and feel, amazing that it wasn?t damaged in transit due to poor packaging and a missing gigbag

Guy F. - 12/3/2021

Quality sound, very responsive to different playing styles and tone/volume settings. Comfortable fast neck Only thing was that this model from 2011 doesn't have the push/pull pots that the current model has, but given the variety of tones this guitar has, I don't think it needs them.

Alistair S. - 23/2/2021

Superb instrument. Well set up.

Nick S. - 23/2/2021

Very flat radius and slightly wider board than I expected. Plays amazingly well once set up properly. The surprise for me is the strat tones from the split positions on the gravity storm pickups and the mmevolution mid single coil. The sound is very dynamic and subtle. The floyd on these isnt as great as the m.i.j, but that's just a bit of cork sniffing. Bought as a player and not a collector guitar (what is with those creepy fkrs??). First thing I had done was had the neck 0000 cooled, tru oiled (several coats) and waxed to protect the finish. Also the fretboard. These fretboard and decks are notorious for getting dirty. No more with this.

WILLIAM B. - 19/2/2021

After a bit of work it is very good a keeper

David J. - 18/2/2021

Great product with a lot of amazing features.

Bradley W. - 18/2/2021

Mark B. - 18/2/2021

Lovely Instrument. Nice bright tone and well made. Now fitted with a pickup and looking forward to the end of lockdown and gigging it

pat g. - 18/2/2021

Lee H. - 16/2/2021

Fantastic value. Great sounds and a high quality amp. I'm only learning and not that skilled on the guitar so this amp is more than what I need for my level. Having said being a learner doesn't mean we shouldn't get high quality equipment. I'm very happy to have got my hands on this amp.

Yvonne C. - 15/2/2021

Michael H. - 13/2/2021

Brian T. - 13/2/2021

Excellent value for a cheaper guitar

craig b. - 13/2/2021

James H. - 10/2/2021

Love this product thank you very much love it

Nick C. - 10/2/2021

Benjamin M. - 7/2/2021

Ray W. - 7/2/2021

Very good, and easy to deal with

Mark L. - 4/2/2021

A good product for good money

Mark P. - 3/2/2021

Great service , and always ready to listen to any problems you may have with a purchase.

Paul H. - 2/2/2021

Alistair S. - 1/2/2021

A dream guitar to play and to look at - can't believe it was made in 1989 and is still in such great condition. What a bargain I got!

Neil K. - 31/1/2021

Nothing to add its excellent.

Stuart W. - 31/1/2021

Very good would of been a full 5 stars but dpd let them down

Jake T. - 31/1/2021

great pedal good price too

neil b. - 30/1/2021

A great used pedal. Just what I was looking for.

paul h. - 30/1/2021

Nice guitar just what I expected and good service

Bill H. - 29/1/2021

Precisely what was described

Rafael J. - 29/1/2021

The guitar may be used but it looks brand new. Had difficulty in tuning it but after calling Guitar Guitar for advice I know what to do now

Stephen H. - 28/1/2021

Richard S. - 28/1/2021

Joseph L. - 27/1/2021

Second hand bass, mint condition as advertised, setup perfectly, a joy to play!

Gareth E. - 26/1/2021

Buying pre-owned from these dudes was better than buying brand new. Instead of something arriving from a site straight from a factory, it arrives completely tuned and tweaked by a pro. The ratings out of 5 were extremely accurate, and the packaging was brilliant. Will deffo buy again!

Thomas W. - 26/1/2021

It's in perfect condition - I got a bargain. Exactly what I was looking for (as a beginner)

Peter O. - 26/1/2021

David S. - 26/1/2021

Nice low action, so easy to play. Great quality for the price and nice deep bass tones from the solid wood top.

Elfyn M. - 26/1/2021

great tone,doesnt look out of place in the lounge

ANDY r. - 26/1/2021

I was hoping this Les Paul would be great, but it blew me away. Especially as I purchased it without trying it because of covid19 restrictions. So I took a risk, albeit a calculated one. I was not disappointed. I already have a USA Les Paul Standard which is good. But this R9 is in a different league. The neck is chunkier than my other Les Paul but I find it really comfortable. The pickups are just right, clear with the right amount of bite. I play through a JTM45 and it's really easy to get the Beano tone. Also I love the colour (see picture).

Kevin A. - 24/1/2021

GuitarGuitar is my go to shop for everything guitar

Cameron U. - 24/1/2021

I feel like this guitar was made for me so comfortable to play. You have to play it to understand it just a joy,

Ronald R. - 24/1/2021

Love it Bargain at L999. Came with Upgraded Fender Locking Tuners and a spare set of Fender Locking tuners and Pick Guard plate.

lee g. - 24/1/2021

Ordered a pre-owned telecaster - product was exactly as described. Order was processed online quickly and efficiently. Delivery updates came through and was well packed and on time. Would buy film again, very happy.

glenn c. - 24/1/2021

Aidan R. - 24/1/2021

Ray W. - 20/12/2020

I am just so happy with my sparkling jet

Adrian P. - 19/12/2020

Product is perfect. The guitar bought was value for money and the pre-owned amp I bought is like brand new. I am a very satisfied customer, thank you.

John N. - 18/12/2020

Great looking and sounding pedal, arrived very quickly. Klarna is a fabulous payment option if you can't afford the cash upfront. Thank you guitar guitar

Sally b. - 18/12/2020

Nicer neck than my SG. Grittier pickups too.

Mr. D. - 17/12/2020

Anthony M. - 16/12/2020

Better than described absolute cracker

Phillip E. - 12/12/2020

brian w. - 12/12/2020

Guitar was a used purchase but looks brand new. It came complete with a set of new Diaddario strings and delivery was included free in the price, which was already pretty reasonable I thought for this model. The Guitar did not require much set up on my part - just a tweak to the tuning and adjustment of the floyd rose, but they can be sensitive beasts and this was probably due to transport and new strings, so not unexpected. It plays well with a low action and most importantly, it stays in tune which is very necessary for recording. If I was a dog with two tails, i could not be more happy!

Graham G. - 10/12/2020

Excellent guitar for a great price.

Paul T. - 10/12/2020

Good guitar, nicely built . Good weight Alder body maple neck , roseacre fret board. Good low action with no rattles or buzzes. Pickups a little fizzy for my tastes when gain turned up but overall a great guitar

Richard N. - 9/12/2020

Nice and light, well made, thin C shape neck, feels really nice. The action is mint really low how I like it with out fret buzz and it sounds great, also split coils what more could you want.

david h. - 9/12/2020

Rosalind M. - 7/12/2020

Even though the Yamaha Pacifica 012 is the bottom of the Pacifica range, it is far better quality than any of the "starter" guitars by most of the other popular large brands and is as good as the more expensive guitars by those brands. Selling around the £160 to £175 mark it beats some £300 guitars hands down in terms of overall quality. The fret work on this guitar is excellent and I think this is factory finish rather than additional work by the previous owner. Well polished crowns and well finished ends. The nut is perfectly cut and the hardware is very good for the price range. Tuners are never great on a guitar at this price, but these are better than average. I have a great used guitar with hardly any signs of use for approx 30% off new price.

William D. - 3/12/2020

Really pleased. Sounds great

David K. - 3/12/2020

Robert E. - 1/12/2020

Very good guitar, quality instrument. Would reccomend. Only downside is it's a bit heavy especially if your going to be gigging.

Steven S. - 1/12/2020

I would have probably paid the extra if it had 6 matching tuners (ideally 3x3 locking tuners). It only has a few little dinks which is to be expected from a pre owned guitar. The action is great, the neck feels nice, a good weight, no neck drop and the EMG pick ups give it some oomph.

Antony E. - 1/12/2020

Jack B. - 1/12/2020

Finley C. - 1/12/2020

Bruce C. - 26/11/2020

Cool pedal; very good modelling of Satch?s classic sound

Christopher S. - 26/11/2020

Great price for an effective pedal- does what it's supposed to do.

David S. - 26/11/2020

Charles W. - 26/11/2020

David g. - 21/11/2020

Such a great deal in this beautiful classical guitar! Been looking for something more in the budgetary range and this popped up pre-owned. Made with such awesome top of the range materials, could t have asked for more!

Christian H. - 20/11/2020

Beautiful guitar with really clean sound. Great price for the quality.

Ilana H. - 20/11/2020

I bought a faith Venus and I absolutely love it

Arran G. - 20/11/2020

Andy H. - 20/11/2020

david h. - 7/11/2020

Upgrade from my original ditto so new what to expect and works how I hoped. Really good for looping sets without Tiny drum fills or flashing lights. No tap dancing with dedicated footswitches for stop and fade. Just what I wanted and builds on what I have learned from using the original ditto.

Tim P. - 4/11/2020

Exactly how they described it

Nigel L. - 4/11/2020

As new condition, great price

Clive C. - 26/10/2020

The item exactly as described, my daughter is delighted with her purchase.

David M. - 24/10/2020

Superb instrument and in great condition for a 15year old guitar.

PETER Y. - 23/10/2020

Second hand 2015 Gretsch TR. Go listen to one on YouTube!

Gary J. - 19/10/2020

Very pleased with it - nice finish, very playable (the shorter scale helps there), sounds great with my Mustang GT40 in a rang of presents

Martin H. - 19/10/2020

Connor D. - 18/10/2020

High quality. Great range of sounds. Very playable once set up. Light weight too.

Graeme M. - 18/10/2020

Heather M. - 16/10/2020

To be honest I wasn?t expecting much as this used guitar cost only L120. However it?s in fantastic shape & the finish is flawless. It looks great in vintage sunburst with the multiple inlays on the headstock & sound hole. Thankfully it sounds as nice as it looks.

James T. - 12/10/2020

I bought a used Faith Venus acoustic guitar which arrived quickly and very safely packaged. It was in superb condition and at a very fair price. I?m really pleased with the purchase. Staff even responded to an after sale email where I asked them which type of strings they had put on the guitar as I liked the feel of them. Can?t ask for better service than that.

Lee S. - 11/10/2020

Luv it......great condition.

lorenzo a. - 11/10/2020

Great condition and value for money

Tom H. - 9/10/2020

This Taylor guitar surpassed all my expectations. Pre owned but like new and in pristine condition. It is like a work of art. Plays superbly. Absolutely delighted with this guitar. There should be an Excellent+ rating because this guitar is so well made.

Keith L. - 8/10/2020

Gorgeous classic example of a vintage era Warwick. They don't build them like this anymore!

Martin W. - 6/10/2020

Amazing product, described perfectly

Joshua W. - 6/10/2020

A 12-string that is well set up and stays in tune. Excellent sound. Who can ask for more.

Philip T. - 6/10/2020

David W. - 30/9/2020

good condition for a preowned guitar, neck is fine, paintwork is in good condition, pots, switch, jack works fine.

michael h. - 28/9/2020

v good quality sound and set up

James H. - 28/9/2020

Good quality product at reasonable price.

THOMAS C. - 28/9/2020

The guitar is amazingly playable, well constructed and sounds brilliant.

Iain M. - 26/9/2020

Product as described. Excellent amp. Value for money. Delivered on time. Carefully packaged.

ARCHIE R. - 25/9/2020

Terence H. - 25/9/2020

David B. - 24/9/2020

Excellent instrument good price

Paul L. - 21/9/2020

Surprised myself how pleased I was with the purchase. Will now sell my other more expensive guitars that pale in significance.

Michael H. - 21/9/2020

For an 8 year old guitar, it looked almost new. Set up was good, and plays great. Everything works as it should. Better than expected. Might hunt down another one.

Philip J. - 20/9/2020

Happy with guitar. It was right colour and everything. Maybe GG should put a 'THIS WAY UP' on the packaging so next time my guitar won't be standing upside down in the hallway.

Des K. - 20/9/2020

Chris R. - 19/9/2020

The amplifier is compact and powerful and was a steel secondhand at 49 quid

Ian W. - 15/9/2020

Beautiful sound, really well balanced and the dynamic range is superb. The pickup system is amazing as well!

Ruaraidh M. - 11/9/2020

Best delay by far, tried lots

David K. - 10/9/2020

Solid, well built, it's a Boss. Everything works. Early days.

Beth R. - 9/9/2020

Good guitar in excellent condition at a great price.

James D. - 8/9/2020

Class guitar and great price

Brian D. - 8/9/2020

Fair price and in good condition. Really nice budget amp

Adam H. - 7/9/2020

Guitar sounds amazing with great volume and resonance. Looks totally fantastic with its vintage vibe. Plays superbly well, being slightly smaller & more comfortable than a dreadnought and has a great easy action. Can't leave it down, it's perfect!

Rick C. - 7/9/2020

A genuine bargain. Godin is probably the best 'vfm' quality guitar maker around right now.

Gregor J. - 4/9/2020

David L. - 4/9/2020

epiphone 335.lovely guitar,great price

ANDY r. - 3/9/2020

A quality instrument, good weight for lpc

emile s. - 3/9/2020

I had one of these in 1990s and made big mistake when I sold it. Glad to have bought it back. Very slim neck and plays exceptionally well for a budget guitar. Pickups not the best

Keith L. - 2/9/2020

Jose R. - 1/9/2020

Another great second hand item!

Lee B. - 1/9/2020

Jose R. - 1/9/2020

Paul T. - 31/8/2020

Great pedal at an amazing price which was delivered quickly and safely :-)

Mark R. - 31/8/2020

Arrived quickly and in good condition - as described.

Alexander K. - 30/8/2020

Item was clean, well set up and arrived quickly.

Alexander K. - 30/8/2020

Great sounding vibe pedal. Full tone never disappoints!

andrea m. - 28/8/2020

FRANK R. - 27/8/2020

A lovely great sounding pre owned acoustic guitar

David M. - 27/8/2020

Lachlan D. - 25/8/2020

cannot fault price item or service

Rupert V. - 25/8/2020

Good price, great condition

Brian W. - 25/8/2020

Amp was in great condition and the models on the amp are brilliant

Ross M. - 25/8/2020

Alan M. - 25/8/2020

Peter T. - 25/8/2020

Came as Described, Pleased.

Alexander C. - 25/8/2020

Joh E. - 25/8/2020

Matthew C. - 25/8/2020

Gerry F. - 19/8/2020

Jeremy L. - 18/8/2020

Craig S. - 17/8/2020

Brian G. - 17/8/2020

Such great quality sound from this pedal and I am beyond happy with it! Always liked Boss, but to get one at such a reduced price in such great quality is superb.

Christopher T. - 14/8/2020

Great sounding light overdrive pedal...compliments my existing Thorpyfx Gunshot pedal perfectly. Well built...will last a lfetime!

Stephen B. - 13/8/2020

The guitar, though used was in a brilliant condition and plays well. As a beginner it is the best choice for me and allows me to easily practice without issues.

Aqib S. - 13/8/2020

Fabulous instrument even though pre owned. Unmarked and included Hiscox hard case...

Michael B. - 12/8/2020

Excellent used pedal as described.

David S. - 12/8/2020

Fantastic value for the guitar and I would recommend this brand to anybody

James B. - 12/8/2020

Power supply not included (which I new) but never offered an alternative

Ian B. - 12/8/2020

Best guitar I?ve ever owned. Not picked up anything else since I took it out the box

Craig . - 12/8/2020

Great affordable Marshall bluesbreaker clone

J K. - 12/8/2020

Really good quality for the price - very happy

Mark L. - 12/8/2020

Great effects at a great price.Easy to follow instruction manual.

Laurence T. - 12/8/2020

Slightly complex and convoluted connecting system but dont let this put you off this little gem of a pedal.Great sounds with oh so subtle nuances,especially on the Drive output.

Laurence T. - 12/8/2020

This is one of Marshall's under-rated rarities, in my view a better amp than either a Fender Twin or an AC30. And I didn't buy it because of SRV or Alex Lifeson, although respect to them for using this amp. It fired up perfectly after 300 miles of highland roads, and 41 years...just spent hours with it and didn't want to stop. Congratulations to GuitarGuitar for sending it out in full working order and for not charging a rip-off price... It is obviously a one-off so I won't describe it in detail, but basically two channels, master volume, great reverb. The metal-domed Mackenzie speakers are an oddity for Marshall but sound great, if I want Celestions can always use my 4x12 (also a great buy from GuitarGuitar.

Peter G. - 12/8/2020

Guitar arrived on time and set up to perfection straight out of the case. Very happy with service

Keith L. - 1/8/2020

Second hand guitar was in great condition and well packaged

Layne D. - 31/7/2020

Killer telecaster, plays & sounds great.

Robin M. - 30/7/2020

Excellent service,well packaged and the write up was bang on.Highly reccomend

ANDREW s. - 29/7/2020

Ray W. - 26/7/2020

Alexander M. - 25/7/2020

Jose R. - 20/7/2020

Excellent guitar, plays beautifully. As it was a pre-owned model I changed the strings for some 0.010" to 0.052" Ernie Ball Cobalts as soon as I got it. Fantastic guitar which I actually prefer to an EC1000 Deluxe that I owned a couple of years ago.

Stephen P. - 5/7/2020

Tried it in store, bought it online later that night. Great experience all round. The guitar is awesome. I now own a custom shop which is almost impossible to put down...

Richard M. - 5/7/2020

Iconic guitar,i previously owned a 6120 and regretted regretted part exchanging it at the epsom store, the 6120 and 5420 are my favourite guitar so im happy to own one once again. painless transaction.

Kevin D. - 22/6/2020

Trevor G. - 10/6/2020

Conor M. - 8/6/2020

Guitar was set up perfectly, with new string. Practically new, with only a few minor signs of wear. I am tremendously happy with it. I have not tried the electronics out yet, as I don't currently have access to an amp, but I've no reason to expect anything is wrong with them.

Marley S. - 7/6/2020

David C. - 4/6/2020

David B. - 30/5/2020

Really good amplifier for £50, with no marks and lots of great effects. An amazing first time amp.

Tyler B. - 30/5/2020

brian e. - 30/5/2020

David R. - 28/5/2020

Nikolaos G. - 27/5/2020

Perfect plexi-style amp. Sounds best turned up, but still very useable at lower volumes. No need for pedals infront of the amp - the amp sounds great without them. Just reverb in the loop, and an EQ pedal for volume boosts/tone shaping for solos.

Christopher O. - 27/5/2020

Pre-owned pedal, great condition and it does what it says on the tin!

Christopher P. - 25/5/2020

Ian T. - 24/5/2020

David S. - 23/5/2020

Great item, just what I needed.

John F. - 23/5/2020

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special was used but in excellent condition for its age and was fully functioning.

Gary A. - 23/5/2020

A good equilizer that offers plenty of scope with sound. I watched a demo on YouTube, so I thought I'd buy one.

Karen W. - 22/5/2020

Excellent bass, very well made, easy to set up and play, large range of tones.

Ron K. - 21/5/2020

Just as described and sounds beautiful, and a brilliant price. Not often you see these 80's shred machines for sale but it's the second BC RICH I have bought from gui guitar. The first one, a mockingbird, won my son battle of the bands. I hope this new one has the same luck.

Julie L. - 21/5/2020

I had heard about these guitars being particularly good in the sound and playability departments and have not been disappointed. The guitar has been well used which shows in it's condition, but underlying this is a well built, well designed guitar.

George M. - 21/5/2020

The condition of the guitar is almost perfect. For a pre owned instrument the value was exceptional

Joann S. - 14/5/2020

In even better condition than I was expecting

PAUL S. - 13/5/2020

Harry O. - 3/5/2020

I think the bass is very good quality for the money and was perfect for what I was after. I needed at string bass for recording and this fits the bill

Samuel C. - 2/5/2020

After browsing the inter web and watching some informative reviews and watching Greg Koch reviews on this product. I purchased this preamp to widen the sound of my electro/acoustic. I uploaded the free software and have installed my own pre - sets. Really nice pedal bullet proof build . Am a happy old wombat missing Australia .

Stuart W. - 29/4/2020

Jane V. - 29/4/2020

Absolutely class proper pleased with it

Sam H. - 29/4/2020

James l. - 29/4/2020

This pedal is amazing if you want the Tom morello sound then get one of these pedals

Rob D. - 29/4/2020

Lovely guitar. Nicely well used.

Brian O. - 29/4/2020

Great guitar for the money. All wear and tear was well documented, and the photos backed that up. I got exactly what I saw on the screen. Love the guitar too! Can't get enough of P90s! The neck was waaaay thicker than my 2018 Gibson SG Standard, but I'll get used to it. Bargain in my book. This my second Gibson bought from Guitar Guitar and I certainly recommend them. Thanks gents!

Graham H. - 28/4/2020

Amazing amp. Does everything. Can be quiet and can be LOUD

BENJAMIN R. - 28/4/2020

Stuart G. - 27/4/2020

Item was as displayed on website and condition report accurate. Guitar was in excellent condition and well set up,actually in tune when opened. Price reflected good value for money.

stuart l. - 25/4/2020

It wasn't mint condition but they made that very clear to me before the purchase, they don't hide anything or try and get more money out of you, brilliant buy!

Alex W. - 24/4/2020

Rugged construction, simple to use...

Gary A. - 6/4/2020

Great guitar great price delivered on time and packed very very well

Stephen D. - 6/4/2020

The guitar really is a dream. The soft V neck is so comfortable to fly from one end to the other on. The TBX and Midboost controls are phenomenal and allows this instrument to make a plethora of different sounds. Had an American Strat with HSS before this that was my number 1 safe to say that?s no longer the case. Brilliant guitar.

Jack H. - 6/4/2020

Philip D. - 6/4/2020

Matthew . - 6/4/2020

phillip W. - 6/4/2020

Excellent guitar. Have wanted one for years and finally got my hands on one. The guitar plays beautifully. Not only does it sound great as a rock/metal guitar when you have a bit of distortion on but it sounds great clean too. The tone and sustain on the guitar is something else as well. The notes just go on and on which is something I love. The weight of the guitar for me is great I've always loved guitars that have a bit of weight about them. I know some people prefer lighter guitars but ive always loved heavier guitars, I just think you get better sound. Also love the iconic bullseye design on the guitar and the little Zakk Wlylde stencil on the back of the head of the guitar. All in all I just love this guitar. It's just so versatile. If you want to rock it'll rock plenty. If you want to shred it will shred beautifully and if you want to play clean its sounds great too. ? 10 out of 10 for me

James M. - 29/3/2020

Excellent used guitar at bargain price. Only sign of wear was scratches on scratch plate.

Stephen W. - 26/3/2020

Callum M. - 25/3/2020

Well it's a tuner so can't really say as to the sound but it is bulletproof and tunes quickly and efficiently. It's all I need.

Omar R. - 22/3/2020

Great price and quality sounding guitar

Craig S. - 22/3/2020

Beautiful bass that is quality for the cost. Nice sound and no problems so far apart from some fret buzz on specific notes.

Joseph H. - 22/3/2020

Peter H. - 17/3/2020

easy to use website accurate descriptions

Alan W. - 17/3/2020

Mooer ocean machine

David K. - 5/3/2020

Fernando E. - 3/3/2020

These amps are awesome and so is the 4x12 cab, the condition for second hand kit was excellent

Paul H. - 3/3/2020

Cracking amp

Mark S. - 2/3/2020

Great addition to my board love it

Ben D. - 1/3/2020

Great compressor given the size I rarely have it off

Ben D. - 1/3/2020

matt n. - 1/3/2020

Twice I?ve bought from guitar guitar and very happy they tell you what time it will be delivered and there spot on .my guitar was in great condition being preowned and was as described on website so I was very happy

Harry M. - 29/2/2020

Great sounding pedal for a good price.

T F. - 29/2/2020

The item was purchased second hand/pre-owned but the description was extremely accurate and the product was in very good condition.

Allan . - 28/2/2020

barry n. - 27/2/2020

The online description stated that it had a few minor scratches. All I can see are very light polishing ?scratches? on the body not really noticeable and just part of having a glossy finish. It looks brand new.?

William M. - 27/2/2020

This may be the ?budget? PRS but it?s a beautiful beast! The fret board is silky smooth and the whole set up is excellent. I can?t wait to get properly stuck in to playing it but first impressions are fantastic

Mark D. - 26/2/2020

Great product and quickly delivered.

ALLAN S. - 26/2/2020

Beautiful condition, clean crisp bass tones with good power and delivered quickley in solid packing. Couldn't be better and is, in my opinion, indistinguishable from new. Good price too.

Douglas L. - 25/2/2020

Beautiful guitar.

PHILLIP B. - 23/2/2020

Matthew C. - 21/2/2020

Great condition

Julian N. - 20/2/2020

Nick . - 20/2/2020

wow a guitar by EVH what more can I say my own piece of van halen it doesn't disappoint on any level

deborah t. - 6/2/2020

Boss gear is always high quality and this is no exception. Very happy with the sound and features.

Alex M. - 2/2/2020

Awesome sounding pedal, very dynamic, huge range of sounds. Don't know why I haven't bought one before!

gregg c. - 1/2/2020

for my first guitar, it seems to be working well for me. was in was almost out of the box perfect condition for being pre-owned. needed quite a tuning when i received it, but that is to be expected. very handsome looking guitar, nice on the eye. good weight and sounds really nice in my bedroom and living room.

ERIC B. - 1/2/2020

Mr M. - 1/2/2020

it?s a lovely sounding, looking, and feeling guitar, good quality instrument, but there was a fault that wasn?t mentioned in the description. on the 18th and 19th fret on the high E string, they both have the exact same note when you play them, so i basically don?t have the18th fret note on my guitar. it?s not the end of the world because it?s not a commonly played note, however it was not labelled on the description of the guitar.

Ted B. - 1/2/2020

Maxine B. - 1/2/2020

it's great, sounds fantastic

David M. - 1/2/2020

Lovely guitar. Pre-owned and in great condition. Came with gig bag which was very useful.

Lydia R. - 1/2/2020

DAVID C. - 27/1/2020

David S. - 26/1/2020

It was for my son but I know he's highly pleased with it.

Graham K. - 22/1/2020

Two second hand TC Electronic effects pedals. Both immaculate, sensibly priced and one came with the original box.

Michael B. - 19/1/2020

ALLAN B. - 17/1/2020

It's used , so not perfect . It's as the description.

Leon . - 15/1/2020

A fantasic guitar and is as described on your website.this guitar is preowned and has seen very little use ,it sounds great and plays well after an easy set-up.please thank all staff involved in this sale for a great job.

David M. - 15/1/2020

Great guitar

Richard H. - 14/1/2020

Just a really good guitar

Andy W. - 14/1/2020

Guitar was in excellent condition, well set up.

John B. - 14/1/2020

Iain S. - 14/1/2020

I've been wanting this guitar for years and does not disappoint! Absolutely amazing!

Dean C. - 14/1/2020

Billy F. - 13/1/2020

Guitar was polished, nicely set up and ready to play.

Diane B. - 11/1/2020

Nice guitar, well packaged.

Peter R. - 10/1/2020

William C. - 9/1/2020

Victor P. - 9/1/2020

It is immaculate, not a mark on it and looks and sounds fab

Pamela G. - 9/1/2020

Andrew W. - 9/1/2020

Usual excellent helpful service

Larry R. - 9/1/2020

Gary M. - 4/12/2019

Great little pedal.

David T. - 4/12/2019

Excellent sound and value for money

Amanda D. - 4/12/2019


ste s. - 4/12/2019

Kacso J. - 2/12/2019

Perfect for guitar solo enhancement.

mark h. - 29/11/2019

Superb guitar. Exactly what I was after, and a great price.

Ross H. - 29/11/2019

j c. - 29/11/2019

Exactly what my son was looking for.

Neil L. - 29/11/2019

Great amp at a great price pre-owned. Arrived well packaged, is in excellent condition. Just knocked a star off as it didn't come with the foot switch, mains cable or anything, just the bare amp.

Roger C. - 2/10/2019

Guitar exactly as described, fast delivery.

Stephen M. - 26/9/2019

Exactly as presented, no surprises.

Anthony B. - 26/9/2019

The Godin 5th Avenue is s really well made instrument at a very fair price. It sounds wonderful with the two P90?s through my Acus acoustic amp. The Tric case is cumbersome and clumsy with unnecessary straps, buckles and handles, I don't care for it particularly and will replace it with a Hiscox or Gator hard case in due course. The guitar although pre owned was unmarked and better than described. I am very happy with my purchase.

Michael B. - 25/9/2019

Great product at a fantastic price,

Karl C. - 24/9/2019

A beautiful acoustic bass. Lovely tone. Set-up could have been better. Lowered the action myself and frets needed dressing. She's great now though.

Alexander . - 23/9/2019

Plays like a dream, secondhand but not a mark on it !

Daniel E. - 21/9/2019

Very good price quality delivery packaging.

Graham T. - 21/9/2019

I love this guitar. Arrived exactly as described.

Paul C. - 21/9/2019

You can't beat the classics!

Mark R. - 21/9/2019

Old style vibe trem. Bought because the sound is classic.

Nigel S. - 21/9/2019

Michael H. - 21/9/2019

Great piece of kit.....especially as it was pre-owned. All features working well.

Martyn D. - 21/9/2019

Fantastic guitar. Love playing it, love the sounds. Don?t need to change anything.

Simon M. - 28/8/2019

Japanese made ESP E-II ftw! Obviously it sounds like complete crap because it doesn't say ESP on the headstock anymore. As we all know that tone comes from logos and fan boy rage.

Nick J. - 27/8/2019

James B. - 27/8/2019

Pretty much as good as new

Ben . - 27/8/2019

Arrived in as new condition. Used today and worked well.

Dave B. - 25/8/2019

Great price - great 'real' pictures easy to see what you getting Many Thanks

Gerard L. - 25/8/2019

DAVID J. - 23/8/2019

Great pedals do what I wanted and more very pleased

Kevin B. - 23/8/2019

James M. - 23/8/2019

really good and humble instrument. Very happy with it, now I need to get used to the 8-string perk

Michael P. - 23/8/2019

Tone and playability superb.

Anthony R. - 22/8/2019

William Y. - 22/8/2019

A bargain as it was pre owned, in excellent condition, just needed a new set of strings. Lovely well made easy to play guitar, another Taylor gem

Christine D. - 22/8/2019

excellent range of sounds and dead easy to set up and save my own presets.

michael h. - 21/8/2019

Ged L. - 21/8/2019

love the bass, and thye srevice.

antony j. - 21/8/2019

Great boost pedal, thickens but doesn?t colour natural guitar sound, would definitely recommend

Declan B. - 21/8/2019

The guitar sounds amazing the emgs definitely pack quality sound and tone

Matthew B. - 21/8/2019

The pre-owned guitar was in better condition than I anticipated.

Grahame H. - 21/8/2019

Bargain for £20!!.. I'm happy

Leon S. - 31/7/2019

Craig J. - 24/7/2019

Great pedal, big smooth fuzz. Stacks great.

Nadir G. - 22/7/2019

Excellent guitar, well setup.

Leslie B. - 20/7/2019

An amazing pedal best tremolo I've used

Matthew R. - 18/7/2019

Fantastic deal great service

David S. - 18/7/2019

This 11 year old instrument arrived in excellent condition with very few signs of wear and a quality hard case (just a few light scuffs). The guitar had obviously been cleaned and well set up with a nice low action, good intonation and no dead or buzzing frets. Five of the six strings were in tune out of the box. The electrics all worked perfectly except for a slight crackle on the tone control which disappeared after a few turns, so I guess it hadn't been used that much. My only criticism is that the online ad gave no indication of the age of the instrument. Fortunately the serial number was clearly legible in one of the images so I was able to check it on the Music Man website. GG staff could have easily have done this themselves and included the information in the ad.

Christopher D. - 15/7/2019

Professional company, very nice instrument

Lindsay S. - 15/7/2019

Bought a used item, and true to description Not a mark/blemish. Very happy.

Robert R. - 12/7/2019

Built like a tank and does what it should do.

Mike J. - 12/7/2019

Excellent condition more than I expected great guitar looks brand new

Kevin B. - 12/7/2019

Robert R. - 12/7/2019

Just what I was looking for, great sound and setup well prior to shipping.

Duncan S. - 10/7/2019

Graham I. - 9/7/2019

Roman S. - 9/7/2019

Amazing amp for the money. Great sound

Nathan P. - 5/7/2019

Boss pedals really are the industry standard and even when you buy used they work so well.

Michael B. - 4/7/2019

Trevor G. - 4/7/2019

Fantastic sound, easy to play and looks terrific.

Adam C. - 3/7/2019

John W. - 3/7/2019

Excellent piece of kit does what it says

Paul T. - 2/7/2019

Been looking for a vintage rock Amp in a box for ages to compete with my Revv G3, which I use for metal projects, and I couldn't have asked for anything better, came across it by chance on the GuitarGuitar website, watched some reviews online and took a stab. No regrets this pedal is amazing.

Elijah P. - 1/7/2019

Easy to set my pedals up on

Bruce C. - 26/6/2019

Graham W. - 25/6/2019

Fantastic price - the guitar itself doesn't need to be reviewed, I've recently seen players such as Andy James using this guitar all the way to Teloch from Mayhem (not this style of guitar - this exact model) so the guitar, speaks for itself... As for the fact it was preowned - the whole guitar was immaculate but there were 2 things you could identify that made it known it wasn't new and both of them made me EXTREMELY happy I bought a 10 y/o preoweed. 1. The gold hardware was no longer a blingy yellow gold, it had aged or something and was still gold but far less yellow and believe me, it looks amazing in comparison to a new version... Almost antique gold looking. 2. The body was "Vintage Black) which is a matt, flat or dull black however, on the back of the neck the dullness had worn down and it had a very dull shine to it which looks absolutely beautiful and aged. All in all, I found (when I went to see one in a shop) the new version of this looked too blingy for my taste which made me hesitate in buying one however, but the bullet and bought this used version and it looks so so amazing. If you buy - you will no be disappointed.

David C. - 24/6/2019

Epic! so much fun. Just what I was missing in my chain

Stephen W. - 22/6/2019

John W. - 20/6/2019

Guitar as described, delivered promptly and well packaged- thanks ?

James R. - 16/6/2019

It looks like new - brilliant!

Miranda d. - 16/6/2019

christopher h. - 13/6/2019

great guitar perfect sound

mark t. - 12/6/2019

Guitar came as described. It stated that it was pre owned but I can't tell the difference form a new one.

Keith S. - 12/6/2019

Marlow S. - 12/6/2019

Fantastic condition and every though were told originally no case, guess what came with it, a genuine Burns case. Wonderful

Jaqueline H. - 12/6/2019

Good for price. Nice guitar.

michael c. - 12/6/2019

Kevin B. - 11/6/2019

Chris B. - 11/6/2019

Does the job perfectly. Just what I needed.

Chris L. - 11/6/2019

Most excellent indeed!!!!

Walter S. - 11/6/2019

This guitar is, in my opinion, is the best money can buy. Compares as better than a custom build from a major manufacturer, and plays well enough to justify this comment.

David D. - 11/6/2019

Brilliant couldn?t be better

michael g. - 30/5/2019

The J rocket archer clean will never leave my board it partners the Ikon so well and sounds amazing on it's own.

Matthew R. - 22/5/2019

Nicola H. - 21/5/2019

Top customer service very professional

Mike K. - 20/5/2019

Ivaylo T. - 20/5/2019

Does what a Marshall cab should!

T F. - 20/5/2019

Great signature pedal by a great artist from a great pedal company

Matthew R. - 20/5/2019

Awsome guitar, plays great.

Nicholas E. - 20/5/2019

Works great very pleased .

Kevin B. - 19/5/2019

A lot of bass for the money. Great sound. Misses 5 stars through a few small details easily fixed at manufacture, now fixed. Strap button could come loose due to screw hole drilled too big. Hole in string ferrule too small for B string to go through without snagging.

George M. - 19/5/2019

A second -hand product, yes, but everything works as it should.

D R. - 17/5/2019

Great pedal, great price.

brian w. - 16/5/2019

Stephen W. - 16/5/2019

Could not do enough to help

Simon W. - 16/5/2019

great guitar, very versatile lovely neck shape and frets, can?t put it down

Lee C. - 15/5/2019

Rebecca B. - 15/5/2019


GARY L. - 15/5/2019

Very nice guitar, low price but good sound

Andrea P. - 15/5/2019

Quite honestly the best guitar I have ever played.

Robert S. - 15/5/2019

Great guitar. So easy to play with fantastic looks and an amazing sound. Better than some guitars four times the price of this.

Steve R. - 15/5/2019

Michael B. - 15/5/2019

As described and very competitively priced!

James P. - 15/5/2019

Great service, on time delivery and good value product

Alan L. - 15/5/2019

Lovely used bass. Virtually unplayed in pretty much mint condition.

Nigel L. - 2/4/2019

Nice sound and good dynamics and tonal range ( to my ears anyway)

colin N. - 1/4/2019

Guitar was exactly as described in terms of condition,tone and playability.

Robert D. - 1/4/2019

A fantastic guitar loaded with great spec, a. It?s for any rock guitarist that wants to stand out from the crowd

Chris S. - 1/4/2019

Superb addition to my collection

Dave G. - 1/4/2019

Prompt, polite and stress free.

Matthew S. - 1/4/2019

Nice pedal, good range of tones and sounds.

Chris R. - 1/4/2019

Andrew M. - 31/3/2019

Grzegorz M. - 27/3/2019

Ibanez AVD60-NT (pre-owned) is exactly what I hoped it would be. Needed something more professional for live stage use. Plenty of volume, lovely warm, focused, clear tone, with great, clear low end. Not airy or boomy. Excellent balance across strings. Plenty of headroom - can hit it hard and play very loud without distortion. Nicely finished, no rough corners. Perfect for flatpicked bluegrass or bright strummed folk. Awesome guitar for the money. Very happy customer!

Miss A. - 27/3/2019

The guitar plays great looks great bit dear but u get what u pay for

John M. - 27/3/2019

Item was as described, in very good condition (2nd hand) and priced very reasonably. Very happy with it.

Brandon S. - 27/3/2019

Great amp and promptly delivered

Bojan C. - 27/3/2019

Kevin K. - 27/3/2019

Best pedal out there! Bold statement but this has everything...and straight out of the box has ?that? tone!

Vince C. - 27/3/2019

The guitar is OK, just needs a bit of cleaning to get rid of the stink. But I am not keeping it. The price could be reduced because it has no case. Not many would want a L1899 guitar without a case to keep it safe.

Jenny M. - 24/3/2019

Love my new guitar pre owned in good condition and excellent quality sounds great and plays great too. This is the first prs I have owned and definitely won't be the last already looking out for another amazed by playability has improved my guitar playing thank you.

Kevin B. - 22/3/2019

Bought a 2nd hand Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster . The finish is in mint condition and it's got a great neck (fast) . Very Happy . Thanks GuitarGuitar

Anjam A. - 20/3/2019

Emma S. - 20/3/2019

The guitar looked untouched, it was that good. Worth every penny!

Jay M. - 19/3/2019

Amazing sounding guitar sounding head and shoulders better than my other classical guitars

Martin M. - 19/3/2019

I've been using a Mackie CFX mixer with Mackie 450 powered speakers which I'm now too old to hump around and in any case the setup is a bit over the top for the venues I now play; this is why I bought the Acus 10. I had expected the Acus to be good but was prepared for it to be not quite as good as my Mackie system; this was a price I was prepared to pay for the convenience and manageability. As it turns out I think the sound produced by the Acus is better. It produces a very accurate take on my Gibson J45 and my Gibson log which I use for slide. It's brilliant and needs hardly any equipment. The range of reverbs good and very controllable. The only additional feature I would have liked would be a mute switch but this is a very minor issue; the master volume can be used instead. Great bargain at L499 but I think the price New (about L1100) is also good when compared to the competition.

Stephen B. - 16/3/2019

Great service as always. Why go anywhere else

David P. - 15/3/2019

The amp sounds amazing... Brilliant value for money...

Paul . - 13/3/2019

Nigel K. - 13/3/2019

Dream come true to be able to play harmonica and slide them and I use the piezo system almost exclusively with a set of la Bella tapewounds with a high c

Jamie P. - 12/3/2019

Francisco J. - 10/3/2019

Very happy with the guitar plays well and sounds great if already own several bcrich guitar's and the pickups are excellent for heavy rock the sustain is good and sound doesn't turn into unrecognised noise even withough over the top distortion or fuzz Wich I use a lot of, even has a nice clean tone. There was however a small chip on one of the horns on the headstock but nothing to worry about.

Kevin B. - 9/3/2019

Great condition. Just as described

Tomas V. - 8/3/2019

Love it plays straight out of box, no need to tinker with it, its in great condition, great to play,,,?

brian w. - 16/2/2019

What an amp. Incredible tones and bags of headroom. Love it.

William P. - 5/2/2019

it was exactly how it was described to me over the phone and my daughter loves it , only heard it over the phone but sounds good

kenneth c. - 4/2/2019

dawn m. - 3/2/2019

I owned one of theses before and this one was like new !

chris r. - 31/1/2019

Andrew C. - 30/1/2019

the line 6 amp head is a great piece of equipment and is very well made and sounds fantastic. highly recommended.

Mark G. - 29/1/2019

Superb playable Geddy jazz neck. P pickup sounds like a P Bass should with convincing grunt. Badass bridge too. Build and finish are very good; this MIM plays as well as my MIA P Bass.

GUY S. - 29/1/2019

Nice second hand item from GuitarGuitar

Simon F. - 29/1/2019

Lawrence N. - 29/1/2019

Wonderful Christmas gift for my son.

John L. - 24/12/2018

As described, prompt delivery 5/5

Tim S. - 20/12/2018

Not plugged it in yet lol

Richard K. - 20/12/2018

Beautiful guitar - I love it

Michael S. - 18/12/2018

Small, simple to use and actually feels bigger than it looks

Suenica H. - 18/12/2018

Great guitar, as described.

robert o. - 18/12/2018

Great product but had to purchase separate special spekon lead as it wasn?t included

DAVE S. - 18/12/2018

Prezzie for my husband.... He is delighted... Good enough for me.

Ellen O. - 15/12/2018

Fender Mustang 111 Ver 2.0 Amp

alan b. - 15/12/2018

Just what I wanted and at a very reasonable price

Graham A. - 14/12/2018

Chris P. - 14/12/2018

Great guitar ,plays like a dream . lovely flame top , second hand in mint condition at almost half price . very happy , it's a keeper . sounds fab

Anjam A. - 13/12/2018

Unusual o find one of these in such good condition. WEM amps are a connection to the great years of rock between 1965-1975, and they do sound good if properly serviced and helped along with some TC mojo!

Peter G. - 13/12/2018

Good guitar but the fret ends were sharp and needed filing smooth.

Donald H. - 13/12/2018

Sean W. - 13/12/2018

Stunning strat in as new condition saved a fortune over buying it new :)

lee c. - 13/12/2018

It arrived on time and in good condition

Keith D. - 13/12/2018

Expected a well worn guitar, and got one thats almost brand new

Damien L. - 13/12/2018

I had already bought a new L1 system from GG which is great for most of my venues but decided to supplement with this secondhand system which was very reasonably priced

DAVE S. - 13/12/2018

Easy online purchase good description

martin h. - 13/12/2018

It?s definetly for bass more than a guitar. That?s for sure . But a useful boost for bass in the dub department

Patrick H. - 13/12/2018

Robert S. - 13/12/2018

Just as good as more expensive models who don?t have the vital anti feedback option this one has. Great uncramped sound overall.

robert c. - 25/11/2018

Got a pre-owned bass from these guys and the description was spot on as the bass is practically mint.

Ben T. - 15/11/2018

Very good and accurate service

Matthew H. - 14/11/2018

Great condition. Exactly as described

Sean G. - 13/11/2018

Cab arrived in excellent condition. Everything was exactly as described online.

Mr G. - 13/11/2018

Good condition. As advertise.

Rosemary S. - 13/11/2018

Makes a decent marshall in a box pedal

Michael B. - 13/11/2018

Samuel A. - 13/11/2018

I wasn't disappointed with anything which is unusual these days.

Martyn C. - 8/11/2018

Alisdair N. - 8/11/2018

Product matched description. Swiftly delivered.

Abdulrahman M. - 8/11/2018

An excellent value experience

Keith M. - 8/11/2018

First rate service as always from Guitar Guitar.

Mike W. - 8/11/2018

The guitar was as advertised and after a few set-up Tweeks plays and sounds great.

Dean G. - 8/11/2018

really versatile guitar very good condition and included all the plugs battery chargers etc

garry b. - 8/11/2018

Great all round service from GuitarGuitar and great guitar from Burn's.

Stephen K. - 8/11/2018

Gary W. - 8/11/2018

Great price for AMP sounds great, looks good

stephen j. - 8/11/2018

michael h. - 29/8/2018

good service, good product

cedric h. - 23/8/2018

A brilliant 12 string, It has a very resonant rich sound that is evenly balanced across the strings. It needed a minor set up (how many 11 year old guitars don't) which it has had and plays like a dream up to 12th fret and beyond. The neck is the best I have come across on a 12 string. This one is definitely a keeper.

George M. - 20/8/2018

Carly W. - 20/8/2018

Fantastic condition pre owned guitar. Looks brand new.

Ashleigh . - 16/8/2018

John P. - 15/8/2018

Purchased this Pre-Owned Telecaster. The guitar was in immaculate condition as described.

Ryan W. - 15/8/2018

I bought a used PRS guitar ,I never buy guitars without seeing them , but took a chance, it was as described ,no issues.

David P. - 15/8/2018

Does what it?s supposed to!

David D. - 15/8/2018

Highly quality amp at a very reasonably price. If

Phil C. - 15/8/2018

Perfect working condition, literally looks brand new, cannot tell at all that it's previously been used, or rather the user that had it last obviously didn't know how to play the guitar since it's pristine.

Hal J. - 15/8/2018

Glen H. - 15/8/2018

delivered in a clean, well set up state....

Ed P. - 14/8/2018

Well made, smooth action and nice compact size

Ted P. - 28/7/2018

Works great and a good price.

Brian G. - 26/7/2018

Unbelievable guitar and in great condition for a fraction of the price! A real steal!

Vincent C. - 26/7/2018

Great guitar, for a second hand guitar it was like new.

Mark D. - 23/7/2018

When buying pre owned gear online you need a concise description to help you. I wasn't disappointed. It's a lovely guitar.

dave b. - 22/7/2018

Not exactly what I expectedly after listening to MXR?s advert, but still sounds great!

Miles U. - 22/7/2018

Good condition, as described. Works well. Very useful

John E. - 21/7/2018

Superb quality instrument at a good price.

Martin R. - 21/7/2018

My bass was in perfect condition even though it was second hand, it was really cheap too!

Kane . - 21/7/2018

I bought an Engl Screamer 50 Combo.

Paul . - 21/7/2018

for the money this bass guitar is fantastic a rickenbacker lookalike but not a Rick price superb instrument and i own a real Fender Jazz and two Yamaha bb's bass guitars +the decription of it on the website was spot on very honest but minor marks

ALAN T. - 21/7/2018

Excellent instrument, especially considering the price. Feels built like a tank. Played well straight from the shop.

Dara M. - 21/7/2018

Good LP type guitar with the Ibanez twist!

paul h. - 21/7/2018

A keenly priced second hand guitar. Immaculate. Best guitar I've ever played by some distance.

Alan H. - 21/7/2018

Great guitar one of a kind.

Duncan M. - 4/7/2018

Jenny P. - 26/6/2018

Condition matched description exactly.

Luke K. - 23/6/2018

Awesome guitar sounds as good as it looks

Alex B. - 22/6/2018

very good preowned combo/effects amplifier, very good condition, quick delivery

michael h. - 22/6/2018

Gary W. - 21/6/2018

Matt H. - 21/6/2018

Great service, fast delivery and well packaged. Will use this site again.

Joe M. - 21/6/2018

Lorraine B. - 19/6/2018

Got exactly what I ordered, thank you

Adam L. - 19/6/2018

Dennis . - 19/6/2018

This sounds incredible for a 5 watt amp, has effects loop and spring reverb and the description was 99% (it didn't mention the plastic coating on the handle was breaking down but that's a minor thing)

KEITH W. - 19/6/2018

Excellent feedback when I asked questions on line and Guitar was exactly as had been described.

MARY M. - 19/6/2018

Darren W. - 18/6/2018

David M. - 18/6/2018

Love this product. I think this is a great pedal.

Dale B. - 18/6/2018

Item as described and delivered next day. Good price as well.

Callum H. - 18/6/2018

Great guitar with a lovely nitro finish and hardcase. Can?t stand the g force system as it?s faulty, but will be replacing soon with some hipshot locking tuners

Jamie P. - 18/6/2018

Plays great. Exactly what I hoped it would be and for a 2012 model it's in fantastic condition.

Pete L. - 18/6/2018

Nice pre owned guitar amp . Good for home practice . Decent tones at reasonable volume.

Richard N. - 18/6/2018

I am really pleased with this guitar, especially for what it cost me. It looks good, plays well, has excellent access to all the frets, a neck that almost feels like it was made for me and most important of all, it sounds good.

Steven N. - 24/5/2018

I'm really pleased with the quality of the guitar for the price. The description on the website did make a big omission however, which probably would have affected my decision to buy. The guitar is a right-handed acoustic with a cutaway. Unfortunately a strap button had been screwed into the cutaway underneath the neck. I can only assume it was previously owned by a left hander. It spoils the look of the guitar because it clearly doesn't need to be there. When I removed it, a small hole was left in the wood. It doesn't affect the sound but whoever put the listing up must surely have known something was amiss and it should have been stated in the advert. Very annoying.

Michael D. - 22/5/2018

Just learning and find this guitar great

Michael G. - 20/5/2018

Excellent condition. As described on website

Craig D. - 18/5/2018

paul h. - 17/5/2018

PHILIP . - 14/5/2018

Great and great value and great delivery and 2 more stars, that's 5

Dominic C. - 12/5/2018

I thought the guitar may not stay in tune too well with the mods, but was pleasantly surprised

David A. - 11/5/2018

Paul B. - 11/5/2018

Henry G. - 9/5/2018

the service was very efficient, no fuss easy to order and very well packed, delivered to a place of my choosing, the item itself was exactly as described, with no nasty surprises, definitely will use this service again, thank you Guitar Guitar GD

grahame d. - 9/5/2018

Good condition considering it?s a pre-owned guitar. Plays well but don?t know if it had been set up by others prior to shipping. IMHO I consider these guitars to be a good buy but ? boy it?s heavy?. Anyway, apart from the weight issue well pleased with purchase and the transaction.

Glyn H. - 8/5/2018

Very nice guitar, excellent condition and just what I was looking for.

Nicola H. - 7/5/2018

No problems, no complaints

David C. - 6/5/2018

Now I can travel and be loud!

Kevin J. - 6/5/2018

Sounds awesome.. soapbar smooth!

James G. - 4/5/2018

Pleased with the product good service

Bruce C. - 4/5/2018

Honest description of the product.

Iain S. - 4/5/2018

it.s a Martin guitar, enough said

Clive A. - 3/5/2018

Great place to buy a guitar

Anthony W. - 2/5/2018

Steve M. - 2/5/2018

The pedal does not do what it says on the tin. I appreciate its pre-owned but a little note saying "this version of the pedal does not work in a loop" would have saved my cash. It does work to some degree but I am defo a 2-star chap with this purchase.

Steve H. - 1/5/2018

Lovely creamy overdrive as soon as I stepped on it

Brian C. - 29/4/2018

Such a bargain! Its basically my dream guitar, I played it in the Yamaha shop in London last year and fell in love! To find one second hand in such fantastic condition was amazing luck - theres hardly a scratch on it and it plays like a dream. Very happy customer here!

Richard P. - 23/4/2018

Fantastic value on a beautiful guitar.

Walter L. - 22/4/2018

As a pre-owned item this arrived in excellent condition as per description on the guitarguitar web page. I find TC Electronic fx pedals to be great value for money and this is no exception. The toneprint feature gives it an added dimension. All in all a very worthwhile purchase.

Alan M. - 20/4/2018

sebastian S. - 20/4/2018

I'm really pleased with the quality of the guitar for the price. The description on the website did make a big omission however, which probably would have affected my decision to buy. The guitar is a right-handed acoustic with a cutaway. Unfortunately a strap button had been screwed into the cutaway underneath the neck. I can only assume it was previously owned by a left hander. It spoils the look of the guitar because it clearly doesn't need to be there. When I removed it, a small hole was left in the wood. It doesn't affect the sound but whoever put the listing up must surely have known something was amiss and it should have been stated in the advert. Very annoying.

Michael D. - 16/4/2018

Nice and simple to use. Very good tracking compared to other octave pedals I have tried.

Nigel L. - 15/4/2018

Lovely guitar in great condition, plays like a dream.

james . - 11/4/2018

Quick delivery and great product.

Miles R. - 10/4/2018

Good for price. Included a nice case, which was an unexpected bonus. Next day delivery.

Stephen B. - 10/4/2018

the service was very efficient, no fuss easy to order and very well packed, delivered to a place of my choosing, the item itself was exactly as described, with no nasty surprises, definitely will use this service again, thank you Guitar Guitar GD

grahame d. - 10/4/2018

great service provided, thanks

jamie t. - 10/4/2018

My second "jazz bass" from GuitarGuitar in four months, first was a Fender American Pro usual, easy transaction and great customer DPD delivery, so 1 hour timed slot..... The Sandberg bass is great and came with a Sandberg gig bag, which I was not expecting!! Overall, top notch choice, customer service and online experience!

Andrew C. - 9/4/2018

As this is the one pedal I could not do without I bought it as a spare, and to incorporate into a smaller pedalboard for...err...smaller gigs. It was in perfect condition and the valve is still good too. Two great channels always available, and a useful line out. Of course the stupid dome knobs had to come off - to be replaced by mini-chickens so you can actually see the settings on stage. Dome knobs look great and work well on guitars, but come on guys: not on amps or pedals!

Michael C. - 9/4/2018

Well packaged, fast-free delivery!

Emile S. - 9/4/2018

I purchased a pre owned Yamaha bass guitar as a gift for my partner. I was given online advice throughout while making my decision. I was given an honest opinion which was spot on and I was made to feel comfortable, regardless of the questions I was asking. My partner has used Guitar Guitar in the past for both purchases and repair. I will definitely be returning to shop in the future either online or in-store without feeling daunted about choice due to not playing guitar myself. Thanks for being so approachable guys! ?

Julie S. - 7/4/2018

I really appreciate the online help, it makes everything easier

Tatiana D. - 5/4/2018

Sophie . - 4/4/2018

Great amp great sound brilliant price for a pre-owned amp in pristine condition

martin h. - 4/4/2018

I find guitar guitar give you an honest description of your purchase and I have made many purchases with them from around the country

Craig B. - 4/4/2018

Excellent for a pre owned purchase

chris d. - 31/3/2018

A lot of guitar for the money.

GUY S. - 24/3/2018

In excellent playing condition. The only indicator of it being second hand is some marks to the body and wear on the finish, which is as it was described when I bought the item. Feels good, sounds good and all the electronics are working fine. Tuners are very stable.

Alex D. - 23/3/2018

paul g. - 23/3/2018

I had'nt tried the amp before buying but have an old Fender solid state and I read all the reviews of the Blues Deluxe and it is as good as I expected.

Duncan S. - 22/3/2018

Simon S. - 18/3/2018

Does what it says on the tin.

David N. - 17/3/2018

Rosemary W. - 15/3/2018

It's a wonderful guitar that I am pleased to own.

Steve . - 13/3/2018

Elaine W. - 6/3/2018

Only slight issue is that although it was second hand it needs a set up (lots of fret buzz up the neck) but I have spoken to my local store and they will do it FOC.

James S. - 6/3/2018

...As expected...Thanks...

James S. - 6/3/2018

Roy H. - 4/3/2018

Mark D. - 2/3/2018

Really good amp, I really like it however I brought it preowned and it had a really bad crackling, other than that it was a great amp

Darren . - 27/2/2018

I bought a Maton 808c acoustic guitar, because I was looking for a good quality small bodied guitar with cutaway.

Robert P. - 27/2/2018

Thanks guitarguitar ... it is always worrying buying site unseen ... great product great service ... guitarguitar = greatgreat

Peter L. - 27/2/2018

Great bass as described....

Peter S. - 27/2/2018

Very helpful and no there stuff

graeme g. - 26/2/2018

Brilliant product- very happy!

Allan S. - 26/2/2018

I have been after one of these for ages. It was used so was a lot cheaper than a new one. Sounds lovely. Was in the condition that was stated in the website.

David C. - 26/2/2018

RAVI S. - 24/2/2018

Fantastic guitar.........

Andrew B. - 24/2/2018

Joshua C. - 23/2/2018

fantastic guitar.not a mark on it!great price

caldwell c. - 22/2/2018

AMANDA Y. - 20/2/2018

Allan C. - 20/2/2018

keith f. - 20/2/2018

great looking guitar nice finish

Eric B. - 20/2/2018

Sean B. - 19/2/2018

Excellent lap steel, condition exactly as described. Quick postage. No problems at all

Gary T. - 18/2/2018

withoubt a doubt one of the best electric guitars i've ever played.

thomas r. - 18/2/2018

Nice looking guitar, it'll do for me...

Brian W. - 17/2/2018

I?ve been on the lookout for a T5 at an achievable price for some time. This one was pre-owned, but in a near perfect condition. It looks good, it sounds good and by golly it does you good. When you play, it blows you away.

Peter T. - 16/2/2018

Recommended blah blah blah blah

Anthony N. - 15/2/2018

Bradley R. - 15/2/2018

This is a thing of great beauty. The quilted maple front is very distinctive. I had wanted a ?Made in Corona? American Fender for quite a while and this was the perfect opportunity. It?s 12 years old and I was expecting to have to clean it - but it arrived sparkling like a brand new model. It?s wonderful to handle and has the most fabulous Fender ?quack?. I like the extra 5 sounds from the S1 switch too.

Chris S. - 15/2/2018

Great guitar was just as advertised

Adrian . - 15/2/2018

Fantastic. Not had a fuzz pedal before but wanted one for some Hendrix type playing. Really thickens up a telecaster, but got a bit unmanageable with other guitars that were packing hotter humbuckers.

Andrew H. - 15/2/2018

Cracking device for domestic noodling and playback

Richard E. - 15/2/2018

John W. - 15/2/2018

PRS Santana II beautifully made instrument, lucky to get this fairly rare guitar in the UK at a good price,sounds good too.

A.L. - 8/10/2015

Great value instruments

S.P. - 25/7/2015

Takes a bit to dial in the sound, but it's a versatile pedal with its own voice.

I.M. - 21/7/2015

lovely nice sounding guitar

S.M. - 21/7/2015

This pedal is the first blackstar product I have purchased and after pretty much constant use and fiddling around with the settings I would be interested in purchasing other blackstar products. Due to solid sound and build quality and for a distortion pedal it offers a range of great tones to satisfy any low/high gain playing styles.

R.L. - 21/7/2015

Bought this second hand. Guitar plays nicely, I may adjust the action to suit me, but that's a personal preference. Martin acoustic guitars are one of the best around.

D.P. - 21/7/2015

Immaculate condition for a used instrument. Great guitar for metal and at the price was a real bargain.

P.W. - 24/5/2015

I bought this on a bit of a whim as it was a good price and received good reviews. It has has lot of flexibility - good as a booster or to punch in a different sound.

D.P. - 22/5/2015

Exactly as described, beautifully set up and very well packaged.

S.P. - 22/5/2015

Friend is pleased with it

M.W. - 20/5/2015

Nice little guitar, plays like a charm. Literally stunning...

H.B. - 20/5/2015

Great guitar.

A.B. - 20/5/2015

The guitar is fantastic to look at,play and listen to( even in my hands)

D.Q. - 20/5/2015

very good

A.H. - 20/5/2015

Great condition and just what I wanted

A.D. - 20/5/2015

Has opened up a multitude of options. The Line 6 JM4 Looper is a gateway to getting your musical ideas formed and a jamming session dream!

D.W. - 20/5/2015

This was a second hand Mexican L/H Fender Stratocaster that I purchased in March. The on-line advertisement was extremely accurate, and the guitar was indeed in-line with the 9.5 condition grade awarded by guitarguitar. Many thanks and long may it continue!!

A.J. - 20/5/2015

Top quality 2nd hand guitar.

A.R. - 20/5/2015

Superb guitar at a great low price and in excellent condition as they said it was. I arrived well packaged and in a clean and tidy.

G.F. - 20/5/2015

Great pedal at a great price. This pedal was straight on my pedal board,excellent,

P.H. - 30/3/2015

Even though my purchase is a used guitar it is as described and in excellent condition, very satisfied.

W.G. - 20/3/2015

Guitar was exactly as described. I love it.

S.W. - 19/3/2015

Very good now that I have upgraded the pickups

A.W. - 19/3/2015

The guitar was well packaged and in 'as new' condition when unpacked. It was exactly as advertised - in fact even better than I expected.

P.W. - 19/3/2015

great for the money even better now I have improved its playability.

P.T. - 16/2/2015

Great value for money. Well used but well looked after. Just as described and just what I wanted.

K.F. - 3/2/2015

Guitar is good. Not bad for the money. The action appears to be low however, so that will need to go to a shop to be fixed. Apart from that, it's good.

J.C. - 23/1/2015

Bought a second hand Lucile and it was in excellent condition.

D.M. - 22/1/2015

What an astonishing guitar! I've had great fun trying all the guitar models. The banjo settings are amazing too. I don't think I'll find much use for the Sitar... But you never know.

I.H. - 22/1/2015

delivered on time in great condition

J.S. - 22/1/2015


M.H. - 22/1/2015

The product was as described, in fact i think better.

V.L. - 22/1/2015

Description of used item was very accurate.

P.L. - 4/12/2014

Fantastic, pre owned in as described excellent condition. Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Thank you yet again Guitarguitar. You guys Rock.

A.B. - 3/12/2014

I don't know much about acoustic guitars because I'm basically a beginner. But I did know that I wanted a solid mahogany guitar.The Finlayson DM50 is one of the cheapest solid mahogany guitars available, which basically is why I bought it. To my ears it sounds just great and looks great, and is very good value for money.

P.M. - 3/12/2014

Impressive quality and playability particularly at the price I paid. Very pleased.

R.G. - 3/12/2014

Lovely guitar, once I'd set it up.

M.M. - 2/12/2014

A beautiful looking guitar. Sounds great and plays like a dream.

I.H. - 2/12/2014

Great service ; guitar as described - demo slight marking

J.P. - 2/12/2014

Great product

S.E. - 2/12/2014

A little buzz on a couple of frets, may have to visit a store for a setup. Other than that, the superb Gibson SG Supra is exactly as described, it looks awesome and sounds awesome. Bargain!

G.S. - 2/12/2014

Guitar exactly as described for a used product, if anything they exagerated the minor flaws.

T.R. - 2/12/2014

Even though is pre-owned it sounds great and is very comfortable to hold.

J.C. - 2/12/2014

Excellent guitar

P.W. - 2/12/2014

Plays like a dream. I was pre owned but I don't think it was played to much, in perfect condition.

J.H. - 4/11/2014

I missed out on the Strat HSS Swirl Ltd Edn when they came out. I liked the finish and wanted to add an HSS spec model to my other Strats. I'm not too hung up on having a US made Strat, and this Mexican build is excellent. The guitar had some imperfections in the pattern, but that's the randomness of the design in my view. Each one is obviously unique. Although listed as 'pre-owned', it is in 'as new' condition. I am very happy with the look, feel and playability. Tuning was a bit loose on the G string, but having tweaked it that's now sorted. Great sound too. Have hardly played anything else for the last few weeks. Came with a Hiscox hard case at an almost unbelievable combined price for what are high quality products. Thanks for a great deal Guitar Guitar.

J.L. - 18/10/2014

I have also recently bought a Gibson ES 335 Studio from B'ham store and a Blackstar ID Core 40 online

R.W. - 15/10/2014

awesome bargain, came with a black pick up selector toggle cap which I guess was added by previous owner but I have rectified this and now has cream one

J.F. - 15/10/2014

I love Ibanez, this is my first S series guitar. It looks and feels great. It's very light in comparison and thinner than the RG and in some ways so Is the sound, the neck is thicker and rounder than an RG but it becomes easily comfortable and playable. Personally, I think this makes a great rhythm guitar and strums very well, there is lead in it but again I think not the screeching solo type of rock lead but more musical les Paul or telecaster style....

D.K. - 15/10/2014

Loving it !!!

M.A. - 14/10/2014

Excellent condition, as described.

W.S. - 14/10/2014

great guitar,set up great.

A.S. - 14/10/2014

A+++ As Always

S.B. - 14/10/2014

Was pre-owned but I could not tell the difference from a new one.

G.N. - 14/10/2014

great electric mandolin, good sound and playability.

T.F. - 14/10/2014

Looks like new, plays nice and sounds sweet!

T.I. - 14/10/2014

Pre owned and in new condition as stated on the website, really pleased witih the instrument as it's great value and plays really well.

G.S. - 31/8/2014

Excellent guitar which was bought as a present for my wife who is just learning to play. She was very happy.

D.H. - 26/8/2014

Amazing guitar for the price!

A.L. - 23/8/2014

Beautiful acoustic bass guitar. Very happy with it, bought it pre owned and my only issue with it is that there is a slight rattling sound when you play around the 7th and above fret on the e string

M.E. - 22/8/2014

The Gretsch hollow body guitar I purchased was advertised as pre-owned. There was no condition report and so I assumed that it was in excellent condition. I did not therefore contact Guitarguitar for a condition report before purchase, as I would normaly. On arrival I was not dissapointed, the instrument showed no signs of ever having been played and still had the manufacturers labels and transit protection in place! This is one amazingly beautiful instrument to look at and play. Cheers Guitarguitar!

M.J. - 21/8/2014

Very pleased with the instrument.

W.T. - 20/8/2014

Second hand purchase - immaculate condition. Beautiful neck, truly a joy to play! Great actions, sounds crisp, a staggering bargain.

M.S. - 20/8/2014

Versatile pedal - gave me just the sound I was looking for and a few more beside.

R.V. - 20/8/2014

Delighted with the item.

C.B. - 19/8/2014

Close to mint condition

P.H. - 19/8/2014

It was a birthday present for my son so I haven't actually seen or played it. He has told me he loves it though - as he was his present...but he did have another guitar he borrowed off a mate and said the one he got was 'miles better'. I have tried Tanglewood guitars when browsing music shops and have always liked the sound and movement of them so thought I'd buy him one.

K.R. - 19/8/2014

Classed as 'preowned' but looked and felt brand new.

A.J. - 19/8/2014

Great product -- perfect

S.L. - 19/8/2014

Really like the guitar however there is an extensive crack at the neck to body join which was not mentioned in the description. I am hoping it is only a lacquer crack and not the wood I will keep a close eye on it and let you know if it gets any worse.

N.B. - 19/8/2014


S.P. - 19/8/2014

Very good value

J.H. - 19/8/2014

looks beautiful sounds great through amp and acoustically, for a nylon string the action is very good and it plays very well, a very comfortable choice.

A.D. - 19/8/2014

The resonator I purcased (previously owned) is good, Its what I could afford at this time and as a complete novice it is possibly better than good, if that makes sense.

L.H. - 11/7/2014

great guitar in excellent condition for a used model and good value

D.B. - 11/7/2014

Ecellent for a use product

J.A. - 11/7/2014

The guitar was a birthday present for my son- his first guitar was an Encore Blaster which was perfect to get him started but was limiting him to a certain degree. Being a lefty there isn't a huge choice out there- we were looking at either a Yamaha 112 or Ibanez black Knight when the SA260 came up. All I can say is Wow! What a beautiful guitar for the money. Build quality and tone is fantastic and the Lavender finish makes it the envy of all his axe wielding buddies! A great guitar that should hopefully last him a long time!

A.P. - 10/7/2014

Great condition pre owned .

K.P. - 10/7/2014

Great pedal - just works well like all Boss gear never a problem

G.H. - 26/6/2014

Another amazing pre-owned purchase. I didn't contact the store to ask about the condition this time, I trusted the honesty of the condition report from the website. I was not disappointed, this is an incredible bargain. Thanks once again Guitarguitar!

M.J. - 18/6/2014

The J35 is everything I used to have in various other J's - Advanced Jumbo, Southern Jumbo and J45. I've owned many over the years but have recently been playing a Martin D18. I missed the dryness of the Gibson sound, being a singer / songwriter tone on songs is quite important to me - the Martin is an excellent bluegrass guitar but the Gibson J35 fills the 'dry' hole perfectly. Great price too.

N.G. - 18/6/2014

Good buy but sent for fret dress and set up

R.G. - 17/6/2014

Fantastic amp. very bass heavy (as it has a speaker designed to make it bigger and bassier than it looks. Speaker is easy to change if needed, but would highly recommend this.

A.B. - 17/6/2014

Really happy with the guitar! Thank You GuitarGuitar Epsom!

V.D. - 17/6/2014

The item is used and not set up for my style of playing but looks just like new, very pleased with the guitar and the price.

S.L. - 17/6/2014

Very happy with guitar, a fabulous instrument.

A.V. - 17/6/2014

I bought this guitar blind, so it was a bit of a risk. Now that Ive played it for a few days, I rate it very highly indeed. Nice neck profile, very responsive pickups, and beautiful fit and finish. I used to have a Gibson flying V, and I think this v guitar is better in almost every respect.

G.H. - 26/5/2014

Excellent condition for a previous used. Lovely guitar. Very happy. Cheers guys.

D.P. - 25/5/2014

Feels like a lot more than £120 worth of guitar.Frets a lot smoother than some of my more expensive guitars.

J.. - 23/5/2014

Well priced used american Stratocaster in immaculate condition.

T.F. - 22/5/2014

Decided to go for a pre-owned Stratocaster as I knew I was gonna miss out on a USA Standard if I didn't. Arrived with all the original parts (pickups and straps) and hard case. Very pleased.

D.G. - 22/5/2014

Great product - does not seem at all second hand!

N.B. - 21/5/2014

Fantastic guitar for the price, great value. The quality of sound on stage, the feel of the neck, and the look and weight of the shimmering body spell excellence.

S.P. - 13/5/2014

It's the only guitar shop I feel happy buying used guitars from - thanks again for a brilliant, reliable service.

G.L. - 11/5/2014

Excellent guitar in superb condition

K.J. - 11/5/2014

Guitar in great condition for 12/13 year old guitar. Good value for money

M.L. - 9/5/2014

best most playable guitar I own

E.B. - 9/5/2014

Bought pre-owned but upon delivery, apart from some wear on the vibrato arm socket, I'd have guessed it was brand new. The guitar is a cracker for the money at full price so a superb bargain.

C.B. - 9/5/2014

Even at a new price it's a very good guitar. Stunning looks but a bit neck heavy and the existing ceramic pickups are not great, but combinations using tri-sonic switches make for a versatile set of sounds.

M.C. - 9/5/2014

Very nice deep toned sound. Easy to use. Great condition. Comfortable.

G.S. - 1/5/2014

I was a little reticent buying a pre owned guitar are online however the description was perfect. Guitar performs brilliantly excellent value for money !!

M.T. - 17/4/2014

I'm not a bassist but I wanted a cheap bass for home recording pre-production stuff for my band and I can honestly say it is the best bass I have ever played.

L.N. - 27/3/2014

I was amazed that my product was secondhand, it looks very fresh and new! Thanks

E.H. - 20/3/2014

This was a second hand purchase but the item was as described, even better i might add and saved me a lot of money on the list price

B.L. - 12/3/2014

Pre owned guitar in near perfect condition and at a great price

P.H. - 11/3/2014

The second EHX pedal I own and I plan to get more once I decide what effects I want.

R.L. - 11/3/2014

the product is is always as good if not better than described.

C.B. - 1/3/2014

Fantastic - Very Happy!

J.P. - 26/2/2014

this guitar is excellent it gives you the best of both worlds Humbucker and single coil. some fantastic sounds to be had and the build quality is excellent. Henry

H.C. - 26/2/2014

First class as usual from Boss, works beautifully as promised on the website

M.. - 26/2/2014

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