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About PRS CE24

The PRS CE24 takes the classic Custom 24 recipe and adds a twist by substituting the set neck construction for a bolted-on style. This change gives the instrument a slightly breezier sound, especially on the single coil settings. You get access to a snappy sound with twang and jangle that regular PRS models have a little less of. This means you can cover essentially all classic sounds with one instrument!

The PRS CE24 is available in a range of beautiful satin finishes, all with Mahogany bodies, Maple tops and Maple necks carved to a Pattern Thin profile. The patented PRS tremolo is here, as are the Bird inlays. This guitar is every inch an American PRS guitar: it also has a range of tones unlike any other. Find your favourite PRS CE24 at your local guitarguitar store or check our selection online where we display the best PRS's in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS CE24

Question: What kind of player will like the PRS CE24?
Well, the PRS CE24 is an extremely versatile instrument so we think lots of session guys and function band players will really take to it. PRS players will love the CE24, especially for the extra-good single coil sounds.
Question: How do I get single coil sounds from the CE24?
The PRS CE24 has a push/pull control built into the Tone knob. Simply pull up on this and it'll engage the coil tap circuit. This knocks one of the coils from each humbucker out of the circuit, giving you two single coil pickups. The 3 way switch works as normal so you have 6 tonal choices in total including humbuckers and single coil pickups.
Question: What type of pickups are on the PRS CE24?
The PRS CE24 has 85/15 pickups. These are hand wound to Paul Reed Smith's own design and are intended to bring back the bite and saturation of the original mid-80s PRS pickups.
Question: Does the bolted on neck affect the sustain?
It does a little but PRS guitars have enormous amounts of sustain anyway so a little less generally isn't noticeble. Volume, amp setting and playing technique play as much a part in sustain as the neck join. The PRS CE24 guitars still have loads of sustain!