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About PRS CE24

The PRS CE24 is a PRS solution to the guitarist who's looking for that classic bolt-on neck sound, but with PRS's outstanding build quality and design. Featuring the classic combination of mahogany body with maple top, a bolt on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The neck features the PRS Pattern Thin neck profile for incredible feel and excellent ergonomics, and the PRS 85/15 pickups ensure that the sound clarity and quality is on point. Our PRS CE24 guitars come included with a padded guitar bag.


Why Should I Choose a PRS CE24?

  • Exceptional build quality
  • Variety of pptions
  • High quality materials
  • Wide variety of finishes

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS CE24

Question: What is the PRS CE series?
The PRS CE Series is a bolt-on line of guitars released from PRS originally in 1988. The bolt-on neck is designed to emulate the snap and sparkle of classic, traditional bolt-on style guitars, so players looking for a high-quality instrument in this style can look no further.
Question: Where is the PRS CE24 made?
The PRS CE24 is made in the PRS Factory in Maryland, USA.
Question: What kind of player will like the PRS CE24?
Well, the PRS CE24 is an extremely versatile instrument so we think lots of session guys and function band players will really take to it. PRS players will love the CE24, especially for the extra-good single coil sounds.
Question: Are PRS CE24 guitars any good?
Yes, the PRS CE24 are very good guitars. PRS are well known for creating high-quality instruments and the PRS CE24 is no exception. With incredible build quality, attention to detail, and impressive sound, this guitar has a lot to offer.
Question: What type of pickups are on the PRS CE24?
The PRS CE24 has 85/15 pickups. These are hand wound to Paul Reed Smith's own design and are intended to bring back the bite and saturation of the original mid-80s PRS pickups.