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About PRS Custom 24

The PRS Custom 24 is the instrument most associated with the brand. This original design guitar was the 1st model Paul Reed Smith built and took around trade shows in the mid 1980s. Several hallmarks of PRS guitars, namely the carved, double-cutaway shape, the famous Bird inlays and the double humbucker and tremolo configuration. Today's PRS Custom 24 has hardly changed at all, such is the success of Smith's original design.

The Custom 24 is available with a range of options that include optional '10 tops' (the best looking Maple for the carved top), Artist pack upgrades, Floyd Rose tremolos, a choice of neck dimensions and of course a wide rainbow of colours to display the striking Maple tops.

The Custom 24 is not just about looks though. Anyone who has ever played one will tell you that they are amongst the most comfortable, best engineered, greatest sounding guitars on the planet! They have a signature clarity that complements the thick, wide sound in a very satisfying way. As tools, they are precision made and incredibly reliable. The PRS Custom 24 is truly a guitar that can do it all.

As a major UK PRS dealer, we have an unbelievable selection of PRS Custom 24 guitars: we actually hand pick every US-made PRS guitar that we stock to ensure only the very best, most amazing Custom 24's get hung up on our walls for you to see, try out and buy. Visit any of our UK based guitarguitar stores to experience these incredible guitars in person or browse our entire stock online and pick your favourite PRS Custom 24 to buy and have delivered to you!

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Custom 24

Famous guitarists who regularly strap on a PRS Custom 24 include Dave Navarro, Al Di Meola, Orianthi, DIckie Betts, Ted Nugent and Steven Wilson.
There is no out and out winner since these things tend to change over time but the most popular finishes include Charcoal Burst, Jade, Grey Black and Violet.
Incredibly yes! And since you asked, here they all are: Peregrine Falcon (3rd fret), Marsh Hawk (5th fret), Ruby Throated Hummingbird (7th fret), Common Tern (9th fret), Cooper’s Hawk (12th fret), Kite (15th fret), Sparrow Landing (17th fret), Storm Petrel (19th fret), Hawk Landing (21st fret), Screech Owl on a Branch (24th fret -- 24-fret models only)
Indeed, the PRS Custom 24 Piezo is a special model fitted with an undersaddle piezo pickup to provide electro acousitc tones when plugged into an acousitc amp or PA system. This guitar has two output jacks so that your piezo sound can go striaght to the desk of acoustic amp whilst your magnetic pickups can go to your amplifier.
The Custom 24 can be seen to have a few advantages over the Custom 22 but things like feel are subject to individual preference. Speaking more of facts though, the obvious benefits are the additional frets which allow the player to hit a high E note without bending the high E string up a tone. You can also enjoy easier access to the other high frets since they are now slightly further from the neck join. There is more symmetry too for those who appreciate that. More interestingly, there are harmonic nodes at various points along the length of each string on a guitar. You'll find these at frets 7, 12, 19 & 24. On a 22 fret guitar, this last harmonic node sits on top of the neck humbucker and can bring about unusual frequency cancellations. A more harmonically rich sound is technically possible with a 24 fret guitar. One last thing to consider is the altered feel. The Custom 24 has a different neck angle than the Custom 22 due to the extra frets. This results in an entirely different feel: which you prefer is very much up to you. The overall point we are making is this: the difference between a PRS Custom 22 and a Custom 24 is more than just two extra frets.
A '10 top' is a term used by PRS to separate their absolutely best pieces of figured Maple. PRS are a company known for their great Figured tops so pieces of timber judged by them to be 10 tops - as in ten out of ten - need to be absolutely spectacular. 10 tops are the best looking pieces of Maple available anywhere. A 10 top of a PRS guitar is normally an optional extra and not all models qualify for this. Please see staff for specific details.