PRS SE Custom 24

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About PRS SE Custom 24

The PRS SE Custom 24 has grown to become a best seller for PRS. The original PRS model was introdued in 1985 to be the best of both worlds with its hybrid features like the 25" scale, double humbuckers, and tremolo. The design proved to be an evolutionary hit with the number of PRS players growing steadily. PRS continue to build high quality guitars and with it their reputation for quality.

The SE or "Student Edition" line of guitars were announced in the year 2000 and quickly earned a reputation that punched well above their price point. With SE guitars making their way into the hands of professional players and with PRS' continued development, the SE line has gained worldwide acclaim as a standard in quality.

A selection of our PRS SE Custom 24 guitars come included with a padded guitar bag.


Why Should I Choose a PRS SE Custom 24?

  • Unique feel with it's 25" scale
  • Quality PRS designed hardware
  • Versatile tones with 2 coil splittable humbuckers

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS SE Custom 24

Question: Is the body of the PRS SE Custom 24 the same as the US version?
The SE Custom 24 top is not as deeply carved as the USA version. Apart from that, the shape is exactly the same as the US version.
Question: What is the most popular SE Custom 24 finish?
One of the most popular finishes on an SE Custom 24 is Eriza Verde, a vibrant transparent green.
Question: What is the difference between the SE Custom 24 and the SE Standard 24?
Both guitars are similar but there are two significant differences. First, the Cusotm 24 has a Mahogany body with a Maple top and a further veneer of Flame Maple to give it that exotic PRS look. The Standard 24 is all mahogany so no Maple top or veneer. The other difference is the country of manufacture: the SE Custom 24 is made in South Korea whilst the Standard 24 is made in Indonesia. Both are made to extremely high standards.