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About PRS SE

The PRS SE range makes it possible for all guitarists to own and experience a PRS guitar. The SE range is made in Asia to exacting specs and comprises many models, not least the iconic Custom 22 and Custom 24.

PRS SE guitars are a fantastic choice for gigging players looking for a superb feeling, great sounding and versatile guitar at a reasonable price. Several PRS SE models are amongst our best selling guitars of any brand, such is their quality and value for money.

Various models are available as artist signature editions and others have limited edition exotic wood tops and finishes to make them even more special. With hardware exclusive to the brand (and designed in Maryland), players of PRS SE guitars can be assured of quality and depth of sound. Carved tops, Bird inlays,'s all here, and more affordable than you might think!

As a major UK PRS dealer, we keep a large and comprehensive selection of these guitars in stock at all times: visit any of our UK guitarguitar showrooms and try your favourite SE models in one of our soundproof booths! Alternately, check out our entire range here on the site and click through to buy your favourite PRS SE model!

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS SE

The PRS SE range has several artist models: you'll find signature models for Mark Tremonti, Carlos Santana, Periphery's Mark Holcomb, Shinedown's Zach Myers and Black Stone Cherry's Chris Robertson.
The PRS SE Custom 24 is the most popular SE guitar by some margin. The most popular finish changes form time to time but is often either Whale Blue or Trampas Green.
The types of pickups vary from model to model but most are recreations of the USA pickups, made in the same Korean facotry as the guitars. Each guitar does have it's own specifically wound pickups though: the Zach Myers guitar has 245 'S' model pickups, for example, whilst the Tremonti guitar has a pair of Tremonti 'S' humbuckers. Most of the SE model humbuckers have the postfix of 'S' to differentiate them from the US-made pickups.
PRS SE guitars are made in two places. The majority of the range - everything apart from the SE Standard models - are made in the famous World Musical Instruments factory in Korea. This factory is renowned for its superb levels of quality. The SE Standard models are made in Indonesia to similarly high standards.
You can find a large selection of PRS SE guitars in every guitarguitar store! PRS are one of our most popular brands of guitar and we keep as much variety in stock as is humanly possible! Visit your nearest guitargutiar store for a look or check out our entire selection right here.