PRS SE Custom 22

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About PRS SE Custom 22

The PRS SE Custom 22 continues the ever-popular SE range by offering a very affordable take on the 22 fret PRS Custom 22. Some players prefer the feel of 22 fret necks as they are understandably a little shorter than 24 fret necks. This is more in keeping with vintage-styled instruments which some players prefer.

The SE Custom 22 has a contoured top of figured Maple on a body of Mahogany for pure PRS vibes. The set neck is mahogany too and the famous Bird inlays adorn the fingerboard for an exhaulted, elegant touch. PRS's own design tremolo unit is also part of this excellent package, as are custom wound humbuckers with a coil splitting facility. This makes the PRS SE Custom 22 a guitar that can comfortably take on all genres with authority.

Come and try out our fantastic PRS SE collection at your nearest guitarguitar store. You can also Browse the entire selection online and have your favourite SE Custom 22 delivered to your home free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS SE Custom 22

Question: Which PRS SE Custom 22 is the most popular?
The most popular PRS SE Custom 22 colour is definitely Vintage Sunburst.
Question: Are the figured maple tops on the SE Custom 22 veneers?
Sort of: the SE Custom 22 has a 1/4" thick Maple top and a further thin veneer of real figured maple. The 'flame' top is genuine for sure, it just isn't the 1/2" thick top of a USA made PRS.
Question: What is the scale length of the PRS SE Custom 22?
The PRS SE Custom 22 has a scale length of 25". This is PRS's standard choice and sits between the two industry standards of 24.75" and 25.5".
Question: Does the PRS SE Custom 22 come with a gig bag?
Yes, a high quality soft case gig bag is supplied with the PRS SE Custom 22.
Question: Is there a semi-hollow SE Custom 22? How does its sound differ from the solid body model?
Yes indeed, PRS SE make a model called the Custom 22 semi-hollow! The sound is different, yes: you get more midrange depth and more open, ringing resonance. This is a great instrument for most styles of playing, though we'd recommend going for the solid body version if you like fast, chunky riffing.