PRS Custom 22

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About PRS Custom 22

The PRS Custom 22 is a 22 fret version of the Custom 24, PRS's flagship guitar. The same as a Custom 24 in every way apart from the fret count, the Custom 22 is popular with players who are used to classic guitars with 22 frets. The PRS Custom 22 features a beautiful carved top in a selection of incredible colours with Bird inlays, custom hand wound PRS pickups and the same incredible build and quality control standards of the Custom 24.

Armed with two humbuckers, the PRS delivers signature thick yet clear tones with near-endless sustain along with single coil selections available for slinky, funky tones too. As with the Custom 24, the body is made from Mahogany and the hardware includes PRS's patented tremolo and locking tuner designs. For guitarists who want an entire spectrum of high quality tones from one instrument, the PRS Custom 22 more than delivers.

As one of the UK's biggest PRS dealers, we have an unrivalled selection of PRS guitars in every one of our UK guitarguitar stores: no Custom 22 goes on our walls unless it has been hand picked by our expert staff! Browse our entire selection of these beautiful guitars right here online or visit your nearest guitarguitar store for a test drive!

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Custom 22

Question: What is the scale length of the PRS Custom 22?
The PRS Custom 22 uses PRS's standard scale length which is 25". This puts it in between the other main American guitars brands to give players a 'best of both worlds' scenario.
Question: Does the Custom 22 have the same scale length as the Custom 24?
Yes it does: both guitars share the same standard PRS scale length of 25".
Question: Why would I want 22 frets instead of 24?
It's really a perfect preference based on feel. 24 fret guitar necks push everything a little further away form the player and if you are used to playing on 21 or 22 fret guitars, this can feel a little strange and, in some cases, alienating. For these players, 22 frets just feels physically better to work with. Aside from that, the neck angle of the Custom 24 is different to the 22 so the entire feel of the guitar is different. Also, there is a harmonic point right here the 24th fret is so this ends up being where the 22nd fret pickup is. This changes certain elements of the sound. This is why it is a very personal thing and players tend to prefer one over the other!