PRS Custom 22

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About PRS Custom 22

The PRS Custom 22 is a 22 fret version of PRS's flagship guitar, the Custom 24. Built with the same care, attention to detail and high quality materials, the Custom 22 is perfect for those who don't need that full 2 octave range. While it's only the fret number that differs between the two Custom models, the Custom 22 neck humbucker can therefore be positioned closer to the nut further away from the bridge compared to the Custom 24. This results in a slightly warmer neck position tone.

PRS Custom 22 guitars deliver on a thick yet clear tone thanks to it's dual humbucker design, though single coil style sounds give you a great range of tones for any style of music. The body and neck of the Custom 22 are made from mahogany and combined with PRS's quality hardware that includes their patented tremolo, and locking tuners. The PRS delivers on the perfect blend between classic and modern designs and with the signature 25" PRS scale they feel incredibly comfortable to play.

We have a wide range of PRS guitars including the Custom 22 that can be browsed online or at your nearest store if you'd like to get up close! Our PRS Custom 22 guitars come included with either a padded gig bag or solid case.


Why Should I Choose a PRS Custom 22 Guitar?

  • Stunning looks
  • High quality PRS hardware
  • Unique PRS playability

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Custom 22

Question: What's the difference between PRS Custom 22 & 24?
The Custom 22 has 22 frets, the Custom 24 has 24 frets. It's as simple as that.
Question: What is the scale length of the PRS Custom 22?
The PRS Custom 22 uses PRS's standard scale length which is 25". This puts it in between the other main American guitars brands to give players a 'best of both worlds' scenario.
Question: Why would I want 22 frets instead of 24?
It's really a perfect preference based on feel. 24 fret guitar necks push everything a little further away form the player and if you are used to playing on 21 or 22 fret guitars, this can feel a little strange and, in some cases, alienating. For these players, 22 frets just feels physically better to work with. Aside from that, the neck angle of the Custom 24 is different to the 22 so the entire feel of the guitar is different. Also, there is a harmonic point right here the 24th fret is so this ends up being where the 22nd fret pickup is. This changes certain elements of the sound. This is why it is a very personal thing and players tend to prefer one over the other!