PRS SE Silver Sky

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About PRS SE Silver Sky

The PRS SE Silver Sky introduces John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith's fantastic design to the high quality, great value SE range. Based on the original, stunning Silver Sky model, SE Silver Sky guitars boast the same reversed headstock, bolt-on design, and importantly the original 635JM neck carve and 8.5" radius fingerboard. The 635JM "S" pickups are closely based on the original 635JM set, and boasts that same profile of sparkly cleans with a gorgeous grit when you dig in.

With its inclusion at last in the SE range, SE Silver Sky guitars deliver John's fantastic design at an even more fantastic price, all without compromising on quality and sound.

Our PRS SE Silver Sky guitars come included with a padded gig bag.

Why Should I Choose a PRS SE Silver Sky?

  • Stunning instrument in a fantastic range of finishes
  • Features specs specifically chosen and designed by John Mayer himself
  • Includes original 635JM neck carve and 8.5" Radius

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS SE Silver Sky

Question: What is the difference between the SE Silver Sky and Silver Sky?
The original PRS Silver Sky is built in PRS' home factory in Maryland USA, while the SE Silver Sky is built in their exclusive Indonesian factory to PRS' exacting standards.
Question: Where is the PRS SE Silver Sky made?
PRS SE Silver Sky guitars are built at their factory in Surabaya, Indonesia.
Question: What genre of music is the PRS SE Silver Sky guitar suited to?
Being designed by John Mayer himself, the SE Silver Sky is understandably fantastic for John's signature brand technical blues and pop, but like all 3 x Singlecoil equipped guitars, this axe can lend itself to a wide range of styles.