PRS Silver Sky

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PRS Silver Sky

The PRS Silver Sky is the culmination of years of design and development between PRS and Grammy Award-Winning Musician John Mayer. The key concept behind the Silver Sky was to develop a modern guitar, but with the feel and familiarity of a classic vintage guitar.

Incorporating elements from guitars from the 1960's, but embellished with modern construction and design knowledge, the PRS Silver Sky certainly accomplishes it's intended goal. They have addressed and improved upon any and all areas determined by Mayer and Smith to be in need of modernization. The headstock, for example, is classic PRS but inverted to allow even better string travel. The tremolo is a hybrid design that adds PRS elements to the classic 'vintage' trem design. The PRS lower horn 'scoop' is clearly visible too.

PRS describe this as an "idealized version of a vintage single coil guitar" and for many, that is exactly what the Silver Sky is. If you are looking for a PRS Silver Sky, make guitarguitar your first stop.

Why should I choose a PRS Silver Sky guitar?

  • Modern Design, Vintage Feel
  • Fine-Tuned Construction and Design
  • Years of Planning, with John Mayer Providing Direct Feedback
  • Exceptional Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Silver Sky

Question: Is the PRS Silver Sky worth it?
The PRS Silver Sky is absolutely worth it. The Silver Sky is a truly marvellous instrument, and the working relationship between PRS and John Mayer is a match made in heaven. The PRS Silver Sky is not only a great guitar to look at, but is a flawless blend of modern function with classic, vintage form.
Question: Who plays a PRS Silver Sky?
The Silver Sky is the signature model of Grammy Award-Winning Musician John Mayer. John Mayer helped design the PRS Silver Sky and he provided direct feedback to PRS resulting in an extremely ergonomic and comfortable instrument.
Question: What kind of pickups are on the PRS Silver Sky?
The pickups are all specially wound single coils called 635JM models. They are designed for warmth and clarity, described by PRS as 'round and full'.
Question: Where is the PRS Silver Sky made?
The PRS Silver Sky is made in the PRS factory in Maryland, USA.