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PRS Silver Sky

The PRS Silver Sky is one of those guitars that was veiled in secrecy for many long months. John Mayer, the instrument's co-designer, was spotted with one on a number of occasions on stage. This fueled speculation that it was a new signature instrument. The rumours proved true and now everybody can enjoy the fruits of Mayer and Paul Reed Smith's labours.

It's difficult to describe the Silver Sky without comparing it to a certain other American electric guitar. We'd be foolish to pretend otherwise! What PRS have done though, is go over this classic design (in particular the early 60s iterations of said guitar) with a fine-toothed comb. They have addressed and improved upon any and all areas determined by Mayer and Smith to be in need of modernization. The headstock, for example, is classic PRS but inverted to allow even better string travel. The tremolo is a hybrid design that adds PRS elements to the classic 'vintage' trem design. The PRS lower horn 'scoop' is clearly visible too.

PRS describe this as an "idealized version of a vintage single coil guitar" and for many, that is exactly what the Silver Sky is. This new John Mayer signature guitar has caused quite a stir and, as a major authorised PRS dealer, we are one of the few UK retailers to have access to it. If you are looking for a PRS Silver Sky, make guitarguitar your first stop.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Silver Sky

Question: What type of guitarist is the PRS Silver Sky aimed at?
The PRS Silver Sky is aimed at players who love the sound and feel of vintage single coil instruments and who also want the highest standards of build quality that are available.
Question: What are the neck dimensions of the Silver Sky?
The neck profile is based on 'vintage' dimensions from 1963 and 64 era necks. The fingerboard is a distinctly un-PRS 7.25", bringing a whole new feel to a PRS guitar. The nut width is 1 21/32" whilst the scale is 25.5", also unusual for a PRS design but normal elsewhere.
Question: What kind of pickups are on the PRS Silver Sky?
The pickups are all specially wound single coils called 635JM models. They are designed for warmth and clarity, described by PRS as 'round and full'.
Question: Is the PRS Silver Sky a limited edition guitar?
Not as far as we know: this guitar, two years in development, is a new addition to the Catalogue and is not a limited edition model. Phew!