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The PRS DGT is the result of more than 2 decades of collaboration between Paul Smith of PRS and session legend David Grissom. The DGT is based around the existing PRS McCarty guitar, with a range of features specifically tailored by Paul and Dave to Dave's own preferences. These include the unique DGT neck carve, PRS tremolo, taller frets and a revised control layout with a volume for each pickup and master tone , allowing for fine-tunable blending of the custom designed humbuckers.

Paul and Dave spent over a year A/B-ing over forty pickup sets before arriving at the perfect, vintage-voiced set to match all Dave's needs.

The net result is an absolutely smashing style of guitar, unique among the PRS range. Our PRS DGT guitars come included with a solid case.


Why Should I Choose a PRS DGT Guitar?

  • Developed from over 20 years of collaboration between Paul and session legend Dave Grissom
  • Sports a range of features unique among the PRS range
  • Specially designed humbucker set

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS DGT

Question: What does DGT stand for?
DGT stands for 'Dave Grisson Tremolo', denoting the addition of a tremolo bridge on these PRS guitars.
Question: What is the benefit of the extra volume knob?
The extra volume knob allows each pickup to have its own volume control. This feature means you can set each pickup to a different volume and go between them with the 3 way selecter, opening up many new tones and textures.
Question: What is the PRS DGT guitar?
The PRS DGT is the signature model of session legend Dave Grissom, perfected through over 20 years of collaboration between Dave and Mr. PRS himself, Paul Smith.
Question: Are PRS DGT guitars any good?
Yes they are! The PRS DGT is built to the very finest of standards by PRS to deliver a flawless, perfect instrument to you.