PRS 7 String Guitars

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PRS 7 String Guitars

PRS 7 string guitars are available as part of their SE range of instruments. The PRS SE SVN has the same Mahogany and Maple construction with the stunning Flame Maple veneer and iconic Bird inlays of a true PRS. This deep sounding 7 string guitar has an adjusted scale length of 26.5" to compensate for the low range of pitches. A through body bridge keeps resonance high. This great seven string PRS is available here online and in our UK wide stores in a range of tasteful and lovely finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS 7 String Guitars

Question: Do PRS make any USA 7 string guitars?
Currently, the only 7 string guitar made by PRS is the SE SVN model.
Question: What type of pickups are on the PRS SE SVN?
The pickups are modified SE versions of PRS's 85/15 models, called 85/15 'S' pickups. The modifications have been to tighten up the low end to incorporate the low 'B' string and also to sweeten up the highs.
Question: What finishes is the PRS SE SVN available in?
The PRS SE SVN is available in two finishes: Gray Black and Black Cherry.