PRS Private Stock

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About PRS Private Stock

When it comes to quality you'll be hard pressed to beat the PRS Private Stock line. The PRS Private Stock program began in 1996 and focuses its attention on custom or "One-off" instruments making every instrument truly special.

With the Private Stock instruments you'll find the highest quality materials available, coupled with some breathtaking attention to detail. From woods, to inlays, to finishing, PRS have chosen all these details carefully and crafted them into a singular instrument that can stand both as a players tool and a work of art. Our PRS Private Stock guitars come included with a solid guitar case.

Why Should I Choose PRS Private Stock?

  • One of a kind instruments
  • The highest quality available from PRS
  • Each guitar is signed off by Paul Reed Smith himself

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Private Stock

Question: What is a PRS Private Stock guitar?
A PRS Private Stock guitar is the highest quality from PRS and focuses its attention on custom builds and "One-Off" builds.
Question: How does PRS Private Stock work?
The PRS Private Stock guitars are built with the highest quality materials available and usually have many custom details added throughout the build before it is signed off by Paul Reed Smith himself.
Question: Is PRS Private Stock worth it?
Yes, PRS Private Stock is worth it if you're seeking that custom or 1 of a kind PRS guitar.