iOS Interfaces

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About iOS Interfaces

iOS Interfaces are a convenient way to route audio in and out of your computer and are ideal for recording microphones and instruments into your favourite iOS studio apps, as well as providing a headphone preamp to deliver a high quality and reliable output for your headphones. Whether you're looking for a guitar iOS interface for using with your favourite amp sim apps, or for a way to record instruments and vocals into your iOS studio package for music demos or podcasts, an iOS interface is one of the best ways to get started.


Why Should I Use an iOS Interface?

  • Record to your favourite music studio apps
  • Ideal for podcasting
  • Play guitar through virtual amp apps

Frequently Asked Questions about iOS Interfaces

Question: What is iOS interface?
An iOS interface can be used to add high quality audio inputs and outputs to your iOS device.
Question: Can you use two iOS interfaces at once?
No, unless they're designed to be chained together, it's not possible to use two audio interfaces with your iOS device at work.