Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings

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About Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings

Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings deliver the signature British tone that many of the world's largest music icons have cherished for over 60 years. Rotosound guitar strings have been the string of choice for many legendary guitarists including Jimi Hendrix, Guthrie Govan and Pink Floyd while Rotosound bass strings have been essential with icons like Billy Sheehan, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee and Steve Harris.

There are many benefits to using Rotosound strings and their nickel-coated steel construction is a quick match for any playing style and delivers incredible reliability, plus most packs also come with a bonus 1st string, which means aggressive players can get even more life out of each set of strings. Single Rotosound strings are also available, allowing you to choose your preferred number of strings and build custom sets using unique string gauge configurations.


Why Should I Choose Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings?

  • Great tone
  • Iconic design
  • Many packs include a free high E string

Frequently Asked Questions about Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings

Question: Are Rotosound strings good?
Yes, Rotosound have been the strings of choice for many iconic guitarists and bass players.
Question: Where are Rotosound guitar strings made?
All Rotosound strings are made in England.
Question: Are Rotosound strings coated?
Yes, most Rotosound strings feature a nickel on steel design.