Schecter Banshee

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About the Schecter Banshee

The Schecter Banshee is a lean superstrat design available in a few iterations. Its long, tapered horns allow for fantastic upper fret access, making this one for the shredders and lead players.

The Banshee Elite is a popular range of guitars, offered in multiple string denominations, all featuring through-neck construction. Banshee Elites have Schecter USA charger pickups installed: these are hand wound models from their Californian Custom Shop! Natural finishes display the sublime figured maple tops, which sit on top of tonally impressive Swamp Ash bodies.

The Banshee Extreme is another variation with a bolted-on neck and a Quilted Maple top. Schecter Banshee guitars are available at your nearest guitarguitar UK store as well as right here online. For a cutting edge modern rock tone machine, look no further than a Schecter Banshee!

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Banshee

Question: What are the differences between the Schecter Banshee Extreme and the Banshee Elite?
Aside from the both guitar ranges adhering to the general outline shape of the Banshee, the Extreme and the Elite are actually very different. We'll look at the hard tail 6 string models of each range for comparison. The Banshee Extreme is a more affordable guitar than the Elite, coming in at roughly half the price. It has Scheceter's imported Diamond pickups, a bolted on neck and a Mahogany body with a Quilted Maple top. The Banshee Elite is made with neck through construction and features a Swamp Ash body with a Flame Maple top. There is no pickguard on the model and the pickups are USA made Schecter Charger Mach 6 pickups. Both guitars share the same neck profile and both have 24 Extra Jumbo frets.
Question: Is the Schecter Banshee Extreme available as a 7 string?
Yes it is! The Schecter Banshee Extreme 7 is the model you want to look at. It is a hardtail model and comes in a variety of finishes.
Question: The Banshee Elite range are made with 'through neck' construction: what are the benefits of this type of build?
Through neck construction is when the neck wood continues right through the entire length of the body of the guitar. The body is then completed by two pieces of wood (referred to as wings) glued to either side of the centre area. Strength and resonance are the two main reasons for this type of build: the neck is often made up of a few different types of wood like Maple and walnut, for example. This provides strength and stability against the elements. Additionally, since not only the strings but also the pickups are attached to this central area, the vibrations translate fantastically well, making for a guitar that sounds very 'alive' indeed.
Question: What type of wood is the Schecter Banshee Elite's body made from?
The bodies of the Schecter Banshee Elites are made from high quality Swamp Ash with a top of Flamed Maple.
Question: Is the Sustainiac system easy to use?
Yes, really easy! Switch on the Sustainer via a small switch on the front of the guitar and then just play as usual. The Sustainiac will kick in automatically when you hold on to your notes or chords. It is very natural, both in how it sounds and how you use it. There are extra controls to determine the amount of sustain you hear plus whether it has harmonic feedback overtones in it but these are things you can pick up on and experiment with as you play. If you feel like your guitar playing could do with something new and inspiring, we wholeheartedly recommend a guitar with a Sustainiac unit like a Schecter Banshee Elite FR S.