Schecter Blackjack

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About Schecter Blackjack

The Schecter Blackjack range of guitars is designed specifically for hard rock and metal playing. Fitted out with Seymour Duncan pickups (passive and active models are available), the Blackjack spec includes a distinctive 'Hell's Gate Skull' inlay on top of an Ebony fingerboard, multi-plu binding and a choice of either matte black or Blue Burst finishes. These are powerful instruments with chunky bodies and slim necks to provide an excellent, resonant sound with lots of power and definition.


Why Should I Choose a Schecter Blackjack Guitar?

  • Designed for hard rock and metal
  • Fast playability for high speed solos and riffs
  • Made to last years of touring

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Blackjack

Question: What body shape are the Schecter Blackjack guitars?
All of the Schecter Blackjack guitars in stock are the C-1 SLS Shape. This is a classic Schecter C-1 shape with more tapered horns and a slimmer neck profile.
Question: What pickups come on Schecter Blackjacks?
Schecter Blackjack guitars have, appropriately enough, Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups. These are high output active units and are perfect for rock, hard rock and metal styles. The exception is the odd Passive guitar, which also has Seymour Duncan pickups but this time it is the passive Full Shred and Jazz pickups that are fitted.
Question: Are Schecter Blackjack guitars available as 7 string models?
Yes! Look out for the Schecter Blackjack SLS C-7. You can find this in both passive and active versions.
Question: What strings are used on Schecter Blackjack guitars?
Schecter Blackjack guitars are strung with Ernie Ball 10 gauge Slinkys.
Question: I'm looking for a Schecter Blackjack guitar with a Sustainiac unit installed: is there such a thing?
Yes, there is indeed: they Schcter Blackjack SLS C-1 FR S is the very guitar you seek! The non-sustainer pickup on this is a Seymour Duncan Full Shred. This is a very powerful guitar.