Seagull Mandolins

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About Seagull Mandolins

Seagull Mandolins are exceptional, hand-crafted Mandolins from the expert luthiers at Seagull Guitars. Seagull Mandolins are made with the highest degree of quality control, using advanced construction techniques such as hand-finished necks, select pressure tested solid tops and custom polished finishes to provide the highest quality instrument possible.

Why Should I Choose a Seagull Mandolin?

  • Handmade
  • Aesthetic Designs
  • Great Tonewoods
  • Incredible Sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Seagull Mandolins

Question: Are Seagull Mandolins Any Good?
Yes. Seagull Mandolins are exceptionally crafted, stunning looking instruments that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but affordable and great sounding.
Question: Where Are Seagull Mandolins Made?
Seagull Mandolins are all made in Quebec, Canada.
Question: Who Owns Seagull Mandolins?
Seagull Mandolins was created by Robert Godin in 1982 and he has retained control ever since.