Sigma Hard Cases

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About Sigma Hard Cases

Sigma Hard Cases are purpose designed to fit you Sigma guitar, or indeed any brand guitar, and keep it safe and secure to and from your gig. Rugged and durable with reliable clasps and locks and a plush interior to protect your finish. Sigma guitar cases are shaped to specific guitar styles and shapes, so check to see which case fits your specific guitar.

Why Should I Choose a Sigma Hard Case?

  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Built to a high degree of quality
  • Each model designed to fit a specific shape or style of acoustic guitar
  • Keeps your precious guitar safe and secure

Frequently Asked Questions about Sigma Hard Cases

Question: Are Sigma hard cases any good?
Yes they are! Sigma guitar cases are designed and built for the Sigma guitar company. Just like their guitars, their cases are built to a fantastic degree of quality and performance, so you know you can rely on them to keep your precious acoustic guitar safe and secure.