Suhr Pickups

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About Suhr Pickups

Suhr Pickups are wound to emulate the tone of founder John Suhr's favourite vintage pickups. John tested a huge amount of single coil and humbucker pickups and selected his favourites based on tone, character and clarity, and set the Suhr team the challenge of recreating their tone using period correct magnets and conductor wiring, the result has blown us away.

Suhr have also added a few modern touches to their humbucking pickup sets that utilise four-conductor wiring to achieve unique pickup configurations and coil splitting. If you're looking for the very best elements of vintage tone with a refined clarity, you're going to love what's possible with Suhr pickups.

Why Should I Choose a Suhr Pickup?

  • Excellent vintage tones
  • Handwound by experts
  • Detailed character

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Pickups

Question: Where are Suhr pickups made?
Suhr pickups are handmade in the USA.
Question: Are Suhr pickups good?
Yes, Suhr pickups are hand wound to produce impressive results.