Padded Guitar Straps

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About Padded Guitar Straps

Padded Guitar Straps are a great way to add extra comfort to your playing experience and reduce stress on your shoulder. Whether you're jumping about on stage a stoic riff machine we've all felt our shoulders get stiff and sore after a long show. Padded guitar straps not only have a soft cushion to them but they are usually wider to help spread out the weight of your guitar with more surface area in contact with your body. With the added padding it softens the weight of your guitar if you are particularly energetic on stage. If you're looking to increase your playing comfort a padded guitar strap is the way to go, especially when they look so good too!


Why Should I Use a Padded Guitar Strap?

  • Increase the comfort of wearing a guitar strap
  • Less fatigue during long playing sessions
  • Very stylish

Frequently Asked Questions about Padded Guitar Straps

Question: Are padded guitar straps more comfortable to wear?
Yes, with the added padding it softens and cushions the weight of the guitar as you play creating a more comfortable experience.
Question: Who makes padded guitar straps?
Ernie Ball, Levys, DSL, and D'Addario all make padded guitar straps.