Valencia Classical Guitars

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Valencia Classical Guitars

Valencia make affordable classical guitars for beginners and students. Valencia classical guitars are made to traditional Spanish designs. They are available in multiple sizes including 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 as well as full size.

Valencia have been making guitars since the early 70s and have always offered a level of quality that exceeds expectations for an affordable guitar. The brand is known across the world as being a sound and solid choice for the aspiring guitarist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Valencia Classical Guitars

Question: Where are Valencia guitars made?
Valencia guitars are made both in China and in their own custom facility in Indonesia. The company itself began in Melbourne, Australia.
Question: What is the benefit of a 'narrow neck' classical guitar?
Classical guitars traditionally have thick, wide necks. This is to allow the left hand to form complicated chord shapes but the downside is that it can be tough for beginners to get to grips with at first, especially those with smaller hands. A narrower neck makes fretting chords less of a stretch for the left hand and is a much more comfortable playing experience for student guitarists.