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About Victory Amps

Victory amps are designed and handbuilt in England. The brand keeps things simple with five basic amp series, designed to cover a whole range of amp styles from sparkling clean to searing high gain. Each of these amps come in different form factors: combos, heads and even preamp pedals. They are particularly popular for their ‘Compact Series’ of lunchbox-style amp heads. These are extremely portable while remaining extremely powerful. All Victory amplifiers have the ability to run at full or low power settings - perfect for both home use and live performance.

Their flagship amp is the Duchess. This versatile amp has two distinct voices which can take you from American styles cleans to British break up. The Duchess Compact is notable for being able to run on either 6L6 or EL34s valves making it extraordinarily flexible. High gain players will favour either the Sheriff or the Kraken, and the Jack covers all bases.

Victory have a growing roster of top guitar players including Richie Kotzen and Guthrie Govan.

What makes Victory Amps different?

  • Boutique amps handbuilt in England
  • Styles to suit every player
  • Each amp comes in multiple formats: head, combo or even pedal!
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Victory Amps

    Question: Which guitar players use Victory Amps?
    Famous Victory fans include Richie Kotzen, Guthrie Govan, Graham Coxon, James Bay, Rabea Massaad, and Justin Hawkins.
    Question: Where are Victory Amps made?
    All Victory Amps are designed and handbuilt in England.