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About Xotic Pedals

Xotic pedals are true tone aficionados. They leave the wild and whacky effects to others, instead focusing on the perfect ‘core’ tone. They innovate in the world of compressors, buffers, boosts and low-overdrive. These slightly unglamourous effects can have a huge impact on your tone, bringing your guitar to life in a sparkling, three-dimensional way.

Starting out life making basses and bass preamps in the late 90s, Xotic were based in the San Fernando valley - home to all the major recording studios in LA.. They started making pedals soon after, coming to prominence with the AC Booster, RC Booster and BB Preamp.

These days the most popular Xotic pedals are the EP Booster, SP Compressor and SL Drive. Don’t be deceived by their size, these pedals are big in tone. The EP Booster and SP Compressor, especially, have the ability to bring studio sheen to any rig. Internal dip switches offer a large amount of tweakability while keeping things streamlined externally.

What Makes Xotic Pedals Different?

  • Find your perfect ‘core’ tone
  • Finest build quality and components
  • Sparkling, three-dimensional tones
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Xotic Pedals

    Question: Where are Xotic pedals built?
    Some Xotic Pedals are made in Van Nuys, California. Others are made in an Xotix facility in Taiwan.