Xotic Pedals

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About Xotic Pedals

Xotic are well known for their booster, compressor and overdrive pedals. The Xotic Wah is one of their most famous creations, winning many awards within the industry.

Xotic effects are hand made to the highest quality. Many top name players use their boost and preamp pedals in their setups.

At guitarguitar, we are long time fans of Xotic. As an official dealer, we keep as many of their great pedals in stock as possible. Try one today at your local guitarguitar or browse the full range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xotic Pedals

Question: Which Xotic pedal is the most popular?
The most popular at guitarguitar is the EP-3 booster. This pedal acts as a preamp and recreates that distinctive tone of an old Echoplex unit.