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About AER Amps

Handmade in Germany, AER amps deliver stunning clarity and definition. They allow you to retain the acoustic sound of your guitar even when amplified. This is why they are played by acoustic icons such as Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Douglas and Eric Johnson.

AER amps allow you to plug in a guitar, microphone and backing track simultaneously and have control over each. For singer-songwriters, then, it becomes the hub of your performance.

Lush reverbs can also be applied to give songs a rich atmosphere. AER’s flagship amp is the Compact 60. Now in its fourth generation, this little amp is a mainstay of the world of acoustic guitars. The Compact 60 is small and portable yet still loud enough to fill cafes, pubs and small restaurants.

In larger venues performers can run a DI out into a PA. In effect, this turns the amp into your own on-stage mixing desk: enabling you to dial in your perfect sound. For discerning buskers who need a battery powered amp but don’t want to sacrifice on tone, the AER Compact Mobile 2 is the perfect solution.

What makes AER Amps different?

  • Benchmark for acoustic amplification
  • Stunning clarity and definition
  • The hub of your performance
  • Frequently Asked Questions about AER Amps

    Question: What does AER stand for?
    AER stands for Audio Electric Research.
    Question: Where are AER amps from?
    AER Amps are handmade in Velbert in the North-West of Germany.