AER Acoustic Amps

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About AER Acoustic Amps

AER acoustic amps are renowned as being some of the best in the market. AER focus specifically on acoustic amplification.

AER amps are the professional choice for acoustic artists looking for a rich, clear and articulate amplified sound. They are generally relatively small, light and very robust. Many amplifiers are combos which can accept both instruments and microphones. Lots of singer-songwriters swear by amps like the AER Compact 60.

We love AER amps. You'll find a selection of them in the acoustic department of every guitarguitar store. Browse online or visit us for a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions about AER Acoustic Amps

AER stands for Audio Electric Research.
AER are a German company. All of their amps are hand made there.
This is easily the Compact 60. It is now in its 4th generation.