Valve Bass Amps

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About Valve Bass Amps

Valve bass amps give you a tone that is nothing short of glorious. They give your bass a smooth, spongy tone and are much more forgiving than their precise solid-state cousins.

Valve amps have a power rating in watts, which relates to the volume that they produce. Bass amps tend to have a higher wattage than guitar amps because bass frequencies are harder to hear and so need to be amplified more. Most valve bass amps tend to be heads rather than combos which means you will need to get the ‘cabinet’ - which houses the speakers - separately.

Why Should I Choose a Valve Bass Amp?

  • Classic tones
  • Smooth, spongy tone
  • Gig-ready volume

Frequently Asked Questions about Valve Bass Amps

Question: What's the difference between a valve and solid state bass amp?
Valve bass amps have a warm tone with a soft, compressed attack whereas solid state amps have a brighter tone and a precise, defined attack.
Question: Do bassists prefer valve bass amps?
Many bassists prefer valve bass amps. They are often used by soul or classic rock bassists because they have a warmer, richer tone than solid state amps. They are also loved by big touring bands because they create a huge, commanding sound.