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Balaguer Guitars

Hailing out of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Balaguer Guitars are the brainchild of Joe Balaguer. Having worked as a session guitarist for 10 years and then studying luthiery under some renowned Custom Shop builders, Joe brings together his vast knowledge and experience in order to provide these unique and high-quality instruments. Taking inspiration from vintage designs, these models have been brought to life with the modern guitarist in mind.

These are 3 distinct series in the Balaguer Guitars family. The Standard Series are crafted in China and are the most affordable of the 3. They offer excellent value for money while still delivering a high quality of instrument. The Select Series is the next step up and are produced by a select small team of talented luthiers in South Korea. Included in this range are the Select Custom models which are handcrafted by 3 highly trained luthiers. The Heritage Series are built by Joe Balaguer himself and for this reason are only available as a limited custom order.

Regardless of which series you choose, all model shapes are available. Keeping with this consistent approach, The Standard and Select models share the same high level hardware across the full range. These include the locking tuners, bridges and the pickups. Infact, they are so confident in the quality and tone of their pickups that they are provided across the whole range of guitars right up to the Heritage Series. Also included is a great quality gig bag which comes at no extra cost.

What makes Balaguer Guitars different?

When Joe worked as a technician and luthier, he took note of which elements were most commonly modified or repaired. Drawing from this accumulated knowledge, he identified which parts of a guitar could be improved in order to produce great playing instruments that excel in all areas. Solid construction, comfort, reliability and tonal purity have all been combined to produce these fine models.

Frequently Asked Questions about Balaguer Guitars

Question: What style of guitar player are these suited to?
Although they come from a vintage inspired background, these guitars are well suited to any contemporary musician. The different models have a wide selection of pickups, body shapes and finishes to choose from meaning there is something available for everyone. Regardless of what genre you choose to play, you can find a model to suit your tonal and aesthetic needs.
Question: What pickups do Balaguer Guitars use?
Balaguer Guitars design and make their own pickups and offer a broad choice of tonal variety. These include humbuckers, P90s, single coils and mini-humbuckers. A rigorous process is followed to ensure the best quality of sounds are produced, meaning some designs go through 4 or 5 prototypes before the final version is decided upon.