Bigsby Bridges / Tremolos / Vibratos

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About Bigsby Bridges / Tremolos / Vibratos

The Bigsby Bridge system is instantly recognisable. It is vintage style and class personified, and is one of the most popular bridge systems in the world. Bigsby manufacture a wide range of vibrato systems so that they can be utilised on a variety of different guitar styles and models. Gretsch make great use of the Bigsby tremolo system, and the two almost go hand-in-hand.

Why Should I Choose a Bigsby Bridge / Tremolo / Vibrato?

  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Historic Design
  • Vintage Looks
  • Excellent Tuning Stability

Frequently Asked Questions about Bigsby Bridges / Tremolos / Vibratos

Question: Are Bigsby bridge, tremolo and vibrato replacement parts any good?
Yes. Bigsby bridges, tremolos and vibrato replacement parts are very good. Bigsby have been crafting their iconic bridges since the 1950's and have perfected their craft.
Question: Do Bigsby bridges stay in tune?
Yes. Bigsby bridges properly set up, have excellent tuning stability and are very reliable.
Question: Can I put a Bigsby vibrato on any guitar?
Bigsby bridge systems can be applied to most guitars, but will require a lot of work. It is highly recommended that you seek out a specialist if you plan on installing a Bigsby bridge system to your guitar.