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About Boss Looper Pedals

Boss loopers have quickly become one of the brand's most popular pedals. Looping has taken off in a big way and Boss were there at the beginning with their ideas and expertise. As a result, more musicians use Boss loopers than any other pedal.

Boss loopers are known collectively as the RC range and feature numerous models from simple single stomp box designs to extremely powerful and flexible units with multiple pedals and separate loops available.

Looping is all about freeing your accompaniment: with just a guitar and a looper, you can build up layers of quasi-drums, pretend basslines and layer upon layer of guitar parts, creating complex patterns of repetitive music. Solo acoustic artists have taken to looping in particular, using it not only to add spice to their performances but also to let the looper dictate how songs are written!

Boss' entire line of RC loopers is available to check out and try in each of our UK based guitarguitar stores and of course, right here online!

Frequently Asked Questions about BOSS Looper Pedals

Question: I want a looper for both my guitar and my voice. What can I use?
If you want to create loops using your guitar and vocals, you should check out the RC-30 and the RC-300, both of which have microphone inputs as well as instrument inputs.
Question: Can I hook together multiple loopers?
Yes, definitely. Remember, if you connect them in a chain as you would with normal pedals, the entire loop of the first loop will become involved in the looping of the subsequent looper. They will not behave separately because the pedal chain is linear. Something like an LS-2 Line Selector could help you separate your loopers.
Question: How many independent loops can I work with at the same time on the RC-300?
The Boss RC-300 has real time controls for manipulating three entirely separate groups of loops at once. Within each set of loops, you can keep overdubbing to your heart's content! Each loop has a rec/play pedal, a stop pedal and a level slider.
Question: How much looping time do I need?
Well, pedals such as the RC-1 Loop Station, Boss' most straightforward and affordable looper, still have 12 minutes of loop time. Your average gig performance time is about half an hour. Average song time is maybe 4 minutes. If you have a 30 second loop, after 8 loops, the entire song is done! 12 minutes of loop time is plenty and that is one of the more modest pedals. We say, don't worry so much about looping time. Instead, focus on the functionality of the pedal to find one you enjoy using.